A positive customer review can really make your day. It’s a great feeling to know that your hard work is paying off and being noticed. Along with online review management, understanding how you can make the most of your consumer reviews to generate more business can result in even more great days.

Here are 6 creative ways to make the most of your consumer reviews and get more business:

  • Start discussions on social media
  • Use online reviews in online ads
  • Add reviews to offline marketing material
  • Creative videos about your team
  • Write blog posts
  • Use reviews to improve your business

Consumer Reviews – Use Them In These 6 Interesting Ways

1. Start discussions on social media

Some positive reviews are elaborate and provide feedback in a very descriptive way. Maybe you helped your patient have a fantastic cosmetic surgery experience or rescued your customer while they were stranded on the road. When customers write reviews about such experiences, they deserve more appreciation and attention.

review response
Source: Google – Pennsylvania center for dental excellence

Ensure that you share these types of reviews on your social media websites and publically thank the customer. Remember to be tactful with the information you share. If you are talking about a medical patient’s experience, don’t forget to abide by the HIPAA guidelines.

2. Use online reviews in online ads

While impactful copy and compelling images can do wonders to attract customers, well-placed social proof (aka testimonials) take your ad to the next level. Prospective customers will be able to connect with existing patients and are more likely to buy your products or services. Use the highest-rated, positive reviews to draw more first-time visitors.

Here’s an example of how you can make the best use of a customer review to draw more visitors to your online ad:

reviews in ad

3. Add reviews to offline marketing material

In addition to adding consumer reviews in online ads, you can also include them in your marketing collateral. If you are planning to create a mailer, brochure or flier, add consumer reviews and the web link to them online. Leveraging your customer feedback can do wonders for your business!

If you are planning to send postcards to your customers, don’t forget to add snippets of your best consumer reviews. It will not only add substance to your direct mail but is also a social proof and source of interest for a prospective customer. Try to include great consumer reviews in all your marketing collateral.

4. Create videos about your team

If a customer has had a great experience with your staff, they may mention the employee’s name in their feedback. Make the most of such reviews by showcasing them in the best possible ways. An excellent way to get the most from these reviews is by making short videos.

Here are some ideas you can use to create videos highlighting your team’s achievements:

  • Let the tagged employee read out their review, thank the customer and narrate the story behind the great feedback.
  • Read out the review to the tagged employee and capture their reaction.
  • Do a 30-second video thanking the customers for the wonderful words and for taking the time to write the review.

Though the video will take time and effort, it’s worth it. Like reviews, video links and videos are great resources for boosting search engine visibility.

5. Write blog posts

You may notice your customers mentioning specific products or services in their feedback. That probably also means that other customers would want to know more about these products. Take this opportunity to create an informative blog post about those specific products and services, and link them back to your reviews. Prospective customers will get to know more about your products and services, and at the same time, reviews by existing customers will help them make an informed decision.

6. Use reviews to improve your business

If you want to see how your business is performing, consumer reviews can provide valuable insights. It’s essential to actively ask customers for reviews, as the more positive reviews your business has the higher your chances of ranking among your best competitors.

Reviews like the one below help a great deal in understanding your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Using this customer feedback, you can work towards improving areas where your business is lagging behind your competitors.

Though consumer reviews are incredibly important, they are usually underutilized. By actively employing effective review generation strategies will help you get new customer reviews to your business. Proper use can increase customer engagement, help you build loyalty with your existing customers, and attract new customers.
Using online review management platform like Birdeye can also help you improve reviews on various review sites and increasing your business’s online visibility. By using some of these creative ideas, you can begin to get the most out of your consumer reviews.

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