Text message marketing – Why you should be texting your customers

Ruchika Batra

4 min read Last Updated Jul 22, 2021

text message marketing

You have various options like social media channels, emails, text messaging and live video and audio streaming platforms available to help you connect with your customers. Each has different advantages, and it is vital to make a smart choice. Businesses these days underplay the power of text message marketing even though it’s the most prevalent form of communication today. Due to its popularity among consumers, texting can become the single most beneficial tool for your business. If you aren’t leveraging texting for your business yet, and here are eight reasons why you should start:

Text message marketing – The most direct way to reach out

An email has to fight hard against spam and  junk filters. Even if it gets through, a customer can easily find their promotional emails, click  “Select All”, and hit “Delete”. Your social media posts can easily get lost amidst rapidly changing news feeds full of countless other photos, videos and ads vying for your customers’ attention. Text message marketing, on the other hand, is a safe bet. Mobile phones don’t have a spam box, so when you hit send, you can rest assured that your text message was delivered safely.

Less intrusive, more personal

Text messaging lets you  laser target a specific group of people (customers and prospects) with different marketing messages. Successful businesses are skillfully customizing the content of these text messages to best suit to the interests of their target users and keep the communication personal, animated and engaging. Since mobile phones are almost always within our arm’s reach, SMS lands directly into your customers’ hands, and by personalizing your communication for different segments, you can easily grab their attention.


SMS messages are not dependent on an internet connection, which often fails us. Nor do they require a person to open an inbox, or download an app to read them. Due to its simplicity, text message marketing has become a globally adopted communication channel. Everyone knows how to open, read and send a text message. You can open a text message while boarding a train, sitting in a theater, etc. This makes them hard to miss.


Text message marketing stats

Research reveals that 91% of adults keep their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7 and 98% of  text messages reach the end user. Not only that, but the users read 90% of those messages within the first 3 minutes of receiving them. This means your business will still be relevant and top of mind when a customer opens your message, increasing the likelihood that they follow through with your call-to-action.

Customers’ preferred choice

Texting is the most efficient way to give your customers the experience they demand.  Quick and convenient – just what consumers want. It gels as part of a customer’s daily schedule rather than disrupting it. Moreover, text message marketing can reach millions of people in no time, no matter where they are. In fact, they can reach virtually all of the 6-7 billion mobile phones in use today. SMS is the only technology that is harmonized between all mobile operators in the world. This means that text messaging has the power to connect you with customers across the globe.          


People of all ages use text messaging. Unlike other marketing channels, text message marketing reaches everyone from teenagers to the elderly. SMS truly molds itself to the needs of your business and the customer groups you’re targeting.

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