The average American checks their phones over 63 times daily. If you’re not using text to reach your customers, that’s over 60 missed opportunities! Texting is convenient and that’s what busy consumers expect these days. Research indicates that 85% of customers prefer to text a business. 

If you’re looking for text message marketing examples that you can start using today, read on! But first, here are a few reasons why it can be such an effective way to communicate.

Why text message marketing works

Text messaging is a powerful marketing tool that can not be overlooked. 

text message marketing

Best practices for text messaging marketing

Before you dive in and start sending text messages, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Double Opt-in Ensuring your SMS messaging services are legal is an essential part of your business and responsibility. An opt-in means that if a customer asks to join your campaign they confirm their permission with the first text message they receive. 
  • Take a minute to check for typos: Typos in your text can make you look unprofessional and can end up hurting your credibility. Before you shoot off a text, make sure to read through it to catch any spelling mistakes.
  • Keep the text within 160 characters: Remember to keep your texts short, simple, and to the point. If your texts are longer than 160 characters they can reach the recipient as multiple texts which is a poor experience and inconvenient if their phone company charges them for incoming texts.

Now for the good stuff. Here are some text message marketing examples that you can start using right away.:

Real estate text message marketing

Text message marketing is a game-changer for agents who want to reach out and touch their leads in less time. Send texts for new listings, open house announcements, or staging tips. Attach pictures or documents like MLS listings and make your communication more engaging. Here are some text messaging marketing examples you can start using today. 

Hi there, thank you for signing up for texts from Lake Country Real Estate Co. Are you seeking to sell or buy a home?

Hello David, I’d love to set up a few showings for you. What neighborhoods are you interested in looking at first?

Thanks for joining us at the open house at 123 Sunshine St. Do you have any questions about the property? 

Hello Thomas, the home you loved at 567 Oakwood Ave. just dropped from $259K to $225K! Are you ready to make an offer?

In this video, discover how Aaron Novello of Keller Williams was able to leverage Birdeye text messaging in real-time allowing clients a simple and effective way to communicate. In this success story, Novello was able to meet his client’s expectations while boosting sales.

Text message marketing for car dealerships

Stay connected with your customers and prospects with text messaging. Send promotions, appointment reminders, follow-up inquiries, and request reviews and referrals. 

Hello Nathan! I am confirming your test drive on November 2nd at 10 a.m. Looking forward to seeing you!

Hi Sara It’s Nathan with (dealership name). I’m checking in about the all-new 2022 Nissan Altima you saw last week. Do you have any questions?

Hi Diane, your Ford Focus is due for maintenance. Would you like to set up an appointment to bring it to the dealership?

The all-new 2022 Toyota RAV4 has just landed in our lot! Interested in a test drive or just want to learn more about the vehicle? Just reply to this text.

Text message marketing health and wellness

Texting is a powerful clinical and patient communication tool. Engage your prospects and customers, request a review or referral, schedule appointments, reminders, and remind customers of payments. 

Hello Lauren, this is Tranquil Spa reminding you of your massage appointment on June 15 at 2 p.m. We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Could you use a little pampering? Treat yourself to a 60-minute massage for only $50! Reply with the word RELAX to take advantage of this special offer. 

Introducing our new service: Aquatherapy.  This treatment helps skin exfoliation and hydration. Ready to be one the first to try it? Reply to get started! 

Text message marketing for restaurants

Text your guests efficiently by sending reservation reminders, promoting new menu items, updating restaurant hours, and answering questions promptly. Reduce no-shows with automated text confirmations or other messages that remind them of their reservation time. 

TODAY ONLY! Enjoy 50% off all our appetizers at Kellen’s House of Prime. 

Thanks for joining Morning Glory Bagels VIP text club. Show this text to receive a free bagel with cream cheese! Expires 11/15

Great news Sam! Your table for 6 is booked at Seaside Villa, Friday at 7 p.m. Please respond “Y’ to confirm or “N” to cancel your reservation. 

Text message marketing for contractors

Text message homeowners, engage prospects, share estimates, schedule upcoming service reminders, and promotions, remind customers of outstanding payments, and request customer reviews

Hi Matt, thanks for using Roofing Specialists recently to replace your roof. Please leave a review and tell us how we did (link to review). 

Hi Nicole, just a reminder that you have an unpaid balance for work that was completed for your kitchen on May 15, 2021. Please pay at your earliest convenience.

Hello, this is a reminder that you have an upcoming estimate scheduled with Building Specialists on November 6 at 10 a.m. 

Frequently asked questions about text message marketing

Is text message marketing legal?

In order to be compliant with TCPA guidelines, you first need to ask your customers for permission to receive text messages. An opt-in means that if a customer asks to join your campaign, they confirm their permission with the first text message they receive.

Why is SMS marketing effective?

Businesses can instantly engage with consumers through text messages about campaigns, promotions, news, updates, and more. SMS marketing provides a positive customer-business relationship.

Birdeye Messaging

All Birdeye subscriptions come with the versatile ‘Birdeye Messaging’. You can use this to send texts to your contacts from your dashboard. You can use Birdeye Messaging to send promotions, discounts, appointment reminders, birthdays, and/or anniversary greetings on any channel. When your contact responds, you can view and continue the conversation within the Birdeye dashboard.

Get started with Birdeye Messaging

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