In the bustling digital age, picking the right web hosting service is crucial for your online success. There are many options for small businesses to explore. Yahoo Small Business (now known as Turbify) is one of them.

Yahoo Small Business allows businesses to design responsive websites, integrate E-commerce services, and secure their domain, to name a few. 

This blog post delves deep into their solutions to see if it would work for businesses like yours.

What is Yahoo Small Business? 

Yahoo Small Business (now Turbify) is a suite of tools and solutions designed to help small businesses build, scale, and manage their online presence. They offer popular services such as web hosting, website building, domain mail, business email, WordPress hosting, web design, e-commerce development, online listings, and other business tools. 

First-time business owners and small-scale entrepreneurs can leverage their services to build a robust digital presence for their customers to find them. 

Image shows the landing page of Yahoo Small Business or Turbify

Has Yahoo Small Business changed? 

Yahoo Small Business has not changed, but it has undergone significant transformations. 

Starting in 1983, it was later bought by Verizon Business ServicesYahoo and rebranded it to Verizon Small Business Services. Then, Infinite Computer Solutions took over, giving Yahoo Small Business its new name: Turbify. 

Pros and cons of using Yahoo Small Business 

Knowing everything you can about a service before finalizing it is crucial. This section analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of using Yahoo Small Business. 

Pros of using Yahoo Small Business 

There is a list of advantages for a local business to work with Turbify or Yahoo Small Business. Some of them include: 

Easy website building 

Turbify allows small businesses to create websites for their business to get started on their digital presence. You can use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor to customize the templates. If you want something more sophisticated, you can work with their team to deliver your website design in 4-6 weeks. 


The websites, designed by Turbify, are known to have a responsive UI design, ensuring they’re highly mobile-friendly. This is an excellent advantage as recent studies show that nearly 50% of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. 

Web hosting solutions 

Yahoo Small business web hosting is one of the most comprehensive and popular hosting solutions among local businesses. The team provides SSL certificates, DNS management, domain redirects, auto-renewal, email addresses, and many other essential features. 

It is also known to have almost 99% uptime, which is essential for businesses looking to provide a good customer experience. 

Businesses can also transfer their existing domain to Turbify/Yahoo Small business if they wish to.   

E-commerce services 

By choosing Yahoo Small Business web hosting, you can access a host of e-commerce solutions to help you launch your online store. You can list your products, optimize them for visibility, manage inventory, build a safe shopping cart, and provide a responsive UI to your customers. 

Competitive pricing 

Yahoo Small Business offers affordable rates for local businesses venturing into the digital world. The company follows a tiered pricing strategy, allowing you to choose the most suitable option. 


The Localworks products help businesses establish a presence on over 70+ industry specific local directories and their Yahoo business listing. They can significantly improve their local SEO rankings by using the integrated dashboard to update business information on listing websites supported by Yahoo Small Business. 

Quick Start option 

Once you choose the product you need, setting up your website domain, design, e-commerce solutions, and local listings becomes a breeze. Just a few clicks and you’re up and running. 

Cons of using Yahoo Small Business 

Some of the significant disadvantages of using Yahoo Small Business or Turbify are: 

Limited web design templates 

The templates that businesses can access from the Turbify store are not as sophisticated or creative as the other designs. Businesses get minimal options, which may not work for all industries. 

Fewer integrations 

Many local businesses rely on various tools to manage customer data, collect payments, and sell their products online. Yahoo Small Business, however, provides limited integrations which might not cater to the needs of all businesses. 

Poor customer service 

One of the biggest challenges of working with Yahoo Small business is the limitation of their customer service team. Many existing customers have voiced their complaints about the turnaround and response times provided by the company. 

Even with Localworks, businesses can only manage their business information across a few directories, which may or may not be relevant to their industry. 

No free trial 

The company provides no free trial or freemium options for local businesses to try the features and support provided by the team before they pay and confirm the purchase. 

Poor navigation facilities 

Turbify has many services, but it can be difficult for business owners to navigate all the processes as it is known to have an outdated tool, especially regarding backend management. 

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Yahoo Small Business web hosting 

Some of the features that come in handy with Yahoo Small Business web hosting solutions are:

Domain locking and auto-renewal 

Losing your business domain can be a nightmare. By choosing Yahoo for your small business web hosting solutions, you can lock your domain with auto-renewal, ensuring it’s protected from potential takeovers caused by back-end glitches. 


Ensuring customers have a smooth experience when they land on your website is essential. By implementing redirects, especially 301 and 302, you can help prevent visitors from leaving your page due to a broken link. With this web hosting service, you can easily set up these redirects to enhance the user experience. 

Uptime guarantee 

Your website can stay up and running 99% of the time without you managing blackouts or handling the back-end processes by using Yahoo for small business web hosting. 

Yahoo Small Business services 

In addition to the web hosting solutions, Turbify also provides a host of services for small businesses to improve their efficiency and scale their productivity: 

Email addresses 

Branding is very important for local businesses to be taken seriously by their customers. You can’t compete with Amazon or other big corporations if you don’t have a professional email address for your business. 

By using Yahoo for your small business needs, you can create business email addresses with 1TB storage, customized addresses, spam control, and secure inboxes. 

Local listing 

Monitor your reputation, ensure customers can locate you effortlessly, and confirm that your business details are accurate across all important listing websites. You can list your business and update information across 70+ directories from a single dashboard. 

Website Design 

Your business can be up and running with pre-designed templates or seek professional design services from Yahoo Small Business with their easy drag-and-drop editor and other intuitive tools. 

FAQs about Yahoo Small Business 

What is turbify?

Turbify is a web hosting, design, and small business solutions suite to help local businesses grow and scale their digital presence. It was previously known as Yahoo Small Business. 

Is Yahoo Small business free? 

Yahoo Small business is not a free solution for local businesses. 


Yahoo Small Business solutions offer a cost-effective and simple way for local businesses to establish an online presence quickly. However, for a growing business with a multi-location presence, it might not be the ideal fit. 

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