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As relentless innovators, we make excellence a habit. We know building beautiful things means shattering walls, so we’re bold, scrappy, and love a good challenge. We’re obsessed with our customers and put their happiness at the center of every decision. And we’ve won a few awards doing it.

“Twenty years ago, I was fortunate to
immigrate to a country that gave me the
opportunity to thrive, regardless of where I
was from. This spirit is central to who we are
at Birdeye. We are dedicated to building a
global brand and creating a diverse and
inclusive workforce.”

Naveen Gupta
Birdeye CEO

You’re welcome here

Our employees are celebrating uniqueness, fostering a sense of belonging, and encouraging all to bring their true
self to work. They are drivers of change in profound ways, creating spaces and groups to be heard, seen, and
supported. And when they speak, we listen. Here’s what they have to say.

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Birdeye Women

Our mission is to connect, inspire and empower women at Birdeye. Our initiatives include events with external speakers, training sessions, mentorship programs and much more.

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Blackbirds Network

We are a networking group designed to educate, motivate, and help elevate Black employees. We advocate for positive change. We are a voice for an underrepresented race.

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Our mission is to celebrate the unique intersectionality of identities that encompass the LGBTQ+ community through education and mentorship, building community, and recruitment of new employees.

Our stories

Creating equity and equality

“I want to not only inspire change, but be the change.”

Finding a second home

“Success always lies on the other side of our comfort zone.”

Fostering a culture of inclusivity

“When we talk about inclusion, it’s about the actual involvement you get from your employer.”

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