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Birdeye Adds ChatGPT Model to its AI Platform

Birdeye Adds ChatGPT Model to its Platform

Birdeye Adds ChatGPT Model to its AI Platform

Birdeye's AI Everywhere

OpenAI's ChatGPT has opened up a world of possibilities for digital customer experiences. Birdeye has created a new review and survey response solution based on the ChatGPT model as part of its AI Everywhere initiative. Businesses can now utilize Birdeye's AI platform to quickly generate personalized, human-like responses to customer reviews and surveys.

"Post-COVID, customers are expecting Amazon-like digital experiences from all businesses. Local brands are short-staffed, and are not prepared to offer that level of service," said Neeraj Gupta, Co-founder and President of Research and Development and Customer Success. "Birdeye AI and Automation tools solve this problem. The ChatGPT model integration in Birdeye's AI platform allows businesses to respond to customer reviews and surveys faster. It will save hundreds of hours of staff time annually while offering an enhanced customer experience."

Automated reviews and survey responses are the newest additions to the Birdeye AI Everywhere platform. The AI platform already offers Natural Language Processing (NLP) based sentiment detection, which analyzes millions of reviews, social media content and surveys to summarize actionable insights; Experience Score, a real-time view of individual customers' experience across multiple interactions throughout their lifecycle; and Robin, the AI-powered chatbot that automatically answers customers' questions.

"For years, we have invested in our award-winning and patented AI platform," said Anil Panguluri, Senior Vice President of Products at Birdeye. "The integration of ChatGPT's model continues our work to create an AI Everywhere solution that builds on our deep industry insights and the vast trove of data from millions of customer interactions. We are uniquely positioned to fine-tune the AI models in a responsible way to help businesses respond to each customer in a way that reflects their service, brand and values."

The newly released review and survey response solution is available to beta customers and will be rolled out widely in the coming months. Birdeye's digital customer experience platform is trusted by over 100,000 businesses worldwide. Click here to learn more about Birdeye's AI Everywhere.

“For years, we have invested in our award-winning and patented AI platform”

About Birdeye

Birdeye is the leading all-in-one digital customer experience platform trusted by over 100,000 local brands and businesses. Founded in 2012 by Naveen and Neeraj Gupta, Birdeye is based in Palo Alto, CA, and backed by Accel-KKR, Trinity Ventures, World Innovation Lab, and Silicon Valley investors Marc Benioff and Jerry Yang. Learn more at birdeye.com.