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Palo Alto, CA - July 13th, 2021

Birdeye Launches Messaging for All

Full messaging suite allows businesses to text and connect with customers, now included in every Birdeye plan

Birdeye Launches Messaging for All

Birdeye, the all-in-one Experience Marketing platform for multi-location businesses, today announced that it will provide both its existing and new customers with a comprehensive, patent-pending Messaging suite that will enable businesses to text their leads and customers, at every step of the customer journey, at no additional charge.

With Birdeye Messaging now available as a part of Birdeye’s core platform, every interaction, conversation and experience is just a text away. Messaging now comes standard with every Birdeye plan, and reflects the dramatic pandemic-era shift in customer communication preferences, as well Birdeye’s commitment to ensuring that businesses can easily connect with leads and customers through texting, video chat, Google My Business, and Facebook and Instagram messages - all with the convenience and ease of doing it from a single unified inbox. With this launch, businesses can collaborate and assign incoming messages to internal teams, so the right people can address new leads and solve customer queries faster and more accurately.

According to a Forrester study commissioned by Google, over half of consumers rank at least one form of messaging (such as texting, or messaging through social media or apps) in their top three preferred methods of communication with a business. Therefore, every Birdeye product - from Reviews to Surveys to Referrals - now becomes much more powerful with the standard inclusion of Messaging. Birdeye customers can get new reviews with messaging; run conversational surveys with messaging, resolve tickets, get referrals, make appointments, answer voicemails and so much more. The best part is the convenience of messaging from any part of the platform without even going to the Inbox, truly bringing the Inbox everywhere.

“We offer businesses tools to deliver great customer experiences at every customer touchpoint. Messaging is now table stakes,” said Naveen Gupta, Co-founder and CEO at Birdeye. “Customers don’t call or email. They text. So businesses need to do the same. That’s why Messaging can no longer be a standalone product. It needs to be everywhere.”

Marisa Endy Vanchieri, Director of Marketing at Sunburst Shutters and Windows, said: “Birdeye Messaging allows us to easily respond to every customer - even from online reviews - and have the correct team member respond. It’s helped us increase our customer engagement and satisfaction, and ensures we never miss a thing. Total game-changer.”

Birdeye’s Messaging is now available for all Birdeye customers on every plan. To learn more, please visit birdeye.com/messaging.

"Customers don’t call or email. They text. So businesses need to do the same. That’s why Messaging can no longer be a standalone product. It needs to be everywhere." - Naveen Gupta, Birdeye CEO