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Creating Interest Online with Reviews and Insights

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Company Snapshot

American Pacific Mortgage is home to more than 1,700 licensed loan advisors catering to home buyers across 200+ locations nationwide. Distinguishing themselves through transparent and personalized loan processes, they aim to enhance the overall experience for the communities they serve. They are committed to providing each client with all necessary information and options that ensure confident, informed decisions for their financial future.

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“We love Birdeye. We've been a client for years and really value our partnership as well as what the platform can do. It's foundational to have something easy to automate review requests, monitor incoming feedback, and organize it in a way that works for us.
Melissa Wright
Melissa WrightChief Sales & Marketing Officer


American Pacific Mortgage enthusiastically embraces the essence of homeownership, viewing each transaction as more than just a financial deal. They recognize that every interaction represents a family, a home, and a life-altering decision. Their ultimate goal is to delight everyone involved in the loan process, understanding the profound impact of these experiences.

However, American Pacific Mortgage faced the challenge of efficiently gathering reviews to highlight client experiences. They searched for a solution that would aid advocacy while offering streamlined options to assess the effectiveness of their strategies. Through Birdeye, they developed a streamlined approach to managing reviews and cultivating lasting relationships with each individual.

Building a better foundation for advocacy with Reviews

In their commitment to satisfaction, every interaction with American Pacific Mortgage is meticulously tailored and built from feedback. They sought a centralized method for requesting and monitoring reviews with the option to showcase these experiences on prominent platforms to stand out in a heavily regulated industry. 

Birdeye has empowered American Pacific Mortgage to build and manage their brand reputation effectively, both at the corporate and local level. With streamlined and automated options to quickly engage with clients, American Pacific Mortgage can encourage them to share compelling stories about their experiences.  To ensure requests stay fresh and visible,  they continuously fine-tune their campaigns and update elements such as colors, images, and messaging. Birdeye's user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for American Pacific Mortgage to modify their approach, ensuring they can adapt seamlessly to changing needs and preferences. 

This is particularly important in an industry where building customer loyalty is challenging. American Pacific Mortgage has successfully leveraged the power of Birdeye Reviews to automate their review collection process, resulting in an impressive 131,500 reviews with a stellar 4.9-star rating.

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“Birdeye helps us celebrate how we serve customers, which creates advocacy at all levels. When customers shout out individuals or compliment their transaction at a specific location,  it helps us cement our reputation nationwide.”
Melissa Wright
Melissa WrightChief Sales & Marketing Officer
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Paving responses with AI and automation

In the lending industry, customer feedback holds immense value. Showcasing positive reviews and leveraging customer advocacy is crucial and American Pacific Mortgage recognized the importance of not just collecting reviews but promptly replying to them.

Birdeye has been instrumental in addressing these challenges for American Pacific Mortgage. In a world where authenticity matters, engaging with reviews has become a cornerstone of building customer advocacy. American Pacific Mortgage has implemented AI-generated responses, allowing them to efficiently manage and respond to a large volume of reviews while maintaining a personal touch. And for reviews that need less input, they employ autoresponders to ensure customers receive prompt acknowledgment and engagement.

These capabilities' pivotal role in shaping American Pacific Mortgage's reputation is underscored by trust—contributing to customer retention. Trust and credibility cannot be overstated in an industry where only 20% of clients typically return to the same lender. American Pacific Mortgage distinguishes themselves by prioritizing feedback, but their commitment to actively engaging with reviews is a key component of their success.

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Blueprinting success with Insights and Reports

Already aware of the significance of client experiences in differentiating themselves from other lenders, American Pacific Mortgage sought to deepen their understanding of client feedback. With Birdeye Insights, they can quickly uncover trends, monitor keywords, and understand customer sentiment more thoroughly.

Insights gives American Pacific Mortgage a holistic understanding of each customer interaction and touchpoint. Alongside Insights, Birdeye Reports offers actionable and customizable reporting, making decision-making more intuitive. With real-time metrics and deep insights into their online reputation, American Pacific Mortgage can swiftly make informed decisions, nurturing a responsive and adaptive approach to their business operations.

Empowered by the accessibility of Insights and Reports, American Pacific Mortgage stays tuned in to the pulse of operations and experiences across all locations. This not only aids in identifying successful practices but also sheds light on areas that may need refinement. Through ongoing vigilance in monitoring customer reviews, American Pacific Mortgage enhances and refines its strategies, ensuring scalable improvements to their overall approach.

“Customer experience is a journey that spans before, during, and after interactions. With Birdeye, you have the tools to construct a seamless and continuous experience, meticulously considering every phase. This approach is fundamental in retaining clients, ensuring their entire journey is thoughtfully crafted.”
Melissa Wright
Melissa WrightChief Sales & Marketing Officer

Increasing customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy

Birdeye has taken American Pacific Mortgage to new heights by cultivating robust advocacy through Reviews. They strategically utilize their reviews to strengthen client relationships while diligently monitoring interactions through Insights and Reports—enabling them to continually enhance their services. This dynamic feedback loop has become instrumental in their growth, ensuring a responsive, client-centric approach. Start growing with Birdeye today!

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