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Aspen Dental: Elevating Patient Care with Birdeye Reviews

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Company Snapshot

Aspen Dental, a leading network of over 1,000 dental practices across the United States, commits to breaking down the barriers to better care, better smiles, and better lives. Founded on the principles of accessibility, affordability, and comprehensive care, Aspen Dental practices offer a wide range of dental services to meet their patients' short- and long-term health needs.

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As Aspen Dental expanded nationwide, the company aimed to strengthen its online reputation across new and established locations without compromising the quality of care. By integrating with Aspen Dental’s Practice Management System (PMS), Birdeye bolstered Aspen Dental’s growth strategy, enabling them to advance forward in their daily operations.

Enhanced Patient Feedback Volume

In the face of rapid expansion, maintaining exceptional patient service was paramount for Aspen Dental. They needed a strategy to collect a large volume of patient reviews for their new offices without hindering practice operations. Birdeye’s review generation solution offered the perfect strategy.

Within three months, the adoption of Birdeye led to a dramatic increase in patient reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook. This surge elevated their online reputation and was instrumental in attracting new patients and authentically reflecting the high-quality care provided across their network. 

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Improved Ratings and Results

The journey didn’t stop at collecting reviews. Birdeye’s automated feedback solution allowed Aspen Dental to dive deeper into patient feedback, transforming insights into action. This proactive approach led to remarkable improvements in patient care across Aspen Dental’s numerous locations. 

By systematically analyzing patient feedback, Aspen Dental identified key areas for improvement and celebrated areas of success. This data-driven strategy elevated the patient experience and contributed to an increase in their nationwide average, climbing from a 3.8 to 4.0-star rating with more than 38,000 reviews. This leap wasn’t just a win in the digital space; it reflected an uplift in patient satisfaction across the board.

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Competitive Patient-Centered Growth

Aspen Dental’s commitment to acting on patient insights has redefined what it means to provide exceptional dental care. With Birdeye Reviews, they’ve not only elevated their patient experience but have also set a new standard for excellence in the dental industry, proving that when healthcare providers and patients speak the same language, everyone smiles brighter. 

The influx of genuine patient reviews reinforces Aspen Dental's dedication to excellence, contributing to their growing national acclaim. This patient-centric strategy has directly impacted Aspen Dental's expansion and improved service quality, resulting in a significant uptick in new patients.

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Leading the Way in Dental Healthcare Innovation

Aspen Dental’s partnership with Birdeye has revolutionized online reputation management and patient feedback in healthcare, setting new standards for patient care and digital engagement in the dental industry.  

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