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Automated review collection boosts patient acquisition

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Company Snapshot

Aspen Dental is a multi-location dental practice with more than 900 locations across the United States. Aspen Dental practices believe in providing comprehensive care that addresses both short- and long-term dental care needs.

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Thanks to Birdeye’s automated solutions, Aspen Dental has amplified patients’ voices and established trustworthy reputations for all their practices nationwide.


Rapidly opening new locations nationwide, each private practice sought to acquire new patients by establishing a strong online presence and reputation through review generation and review marketing. By amplifying patients’ voices across top sites, more people in need of affordable care would discover Aspen Dental in online searches.


Consistently receive new dental patient reviews and promote them across the web.

Implement solutions without disrupting their existing process and practice management system to ensure quality of service is not sacrificed, but enhanced.

Acquire more patients for each new office throughout nationwide expansion.


By integrating Birdeye directly into their existing PMS, within 3 months, Aspen Dental:

Received over 4x more reviews on Google, more than 2x on Facebook.

Established solid online reputation for their 500+ private practices.

Improved patient experience, leading to average nationwide rating increase from 3.8 to 4.0 stars from over 38,000 reviews

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Receive high volume of patient feedback

Aspen Dental prides itself on providing superior customer service across each individual branded practice it supports. Expanding rapidly at a pace of 55 new practices per year, each new office would need to establish a strong online presence and positive reputation in order to build a patient base. This would require generating a very high volume of new reviews. Since an upheaval of the practice management systems that these dental practices had built themselves on would only complicate day-to-day interactions, Aspen Dental sought an efficient way to receive more reviews in order to acquire new patients for each location — without disrupting workflow within each office.

Although many of Aspen’s patients were satisfied, few were avid online users, so their experiences were not shared with others. How could they get patients talking on Google, and Facebook? Who would be in charge of managing such vast quantities of feedback? How much would this interfere with existing tasks?

Automate review process with seamless integration

Aspen integrated Birdeye into their existing practice management systems to automate the review generation process. Tens of thousands of text messages are sent each month, triggered automatically by customer check-in’s. These in-moment requests also prompt promotion of positive reviews across top sites. This streamlined process has allowed each of Aspen Dental Management’s offices to establish a positive online presence through review management — and it is all conducted automatically.

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Patients check in and provide feedback without any involvement from practitioners or staff. Each practice can use this real-time feedback to improve future patient experience.

More reviews and more visibility lead to more patients

Aspen Dental's dedication wiring decisions around patient feedback proved quite impactful. After adding several more locations, Aspen Dental not only maintained its high ratings, but improved its overall score nationwide from 3.8 to 4 stars. All Aspen Dental Management’s offices now receive a steady flow of authentic patient reviews through a completely automated feedback collection process.

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In less than three months with Birdeye, Aspen Dental more than quadrupled its Google review count, and more than doubled its total Facebook reviews. As more reviews are received and promoted, online reputations are strengthened, building the trust required to draw in new patients.

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

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