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Bed Pros Mattress's Path to Increased Revenue with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Since opening in December 1995 in Tampa Bay, Bed Pros Mattress has expanded to 11 stores across Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Sarasota Counties. Central to their success is their dedication to customer satisfaction, achieved by helping customers find the ideal mattress to suit their needs and budget.

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Before using Birdeye, Bed Pros Mattress had not utilized software for acquiring customer reviews, despite recognizing the importance of online feedback for attracting potential customers. Although they had numerous satisfied customers, their online review count was lacking. To address this, Bed Pros turned to Birdeye, which helped automate review requests and consistency of their business listing across various online platforms. This initiative enhanced Bed Pros Mattress’s online visibility and credibility.

"Before Birdeye, listing our business accurately across multiple platforms was a manual process that took up a significant portion of my time. With Birdeye Listings, we were able to automate this process, allowing us to ensure accuracy and consistency with minimal effort. It was like flipping a switch to enhance our web presence overnight."

Justin Shafran
Justin ShafranDirector of Web Operations

Streamlining Local Visibility with Listings

To enhance their web presence, Bed Pros Mattress previously managed their online listings manually across various directories. However, with Birdeye Listings, this process is now automated, synchronizing their information across 150+ sites without the need for manual intervention.

This streamlined approach not only saved valuable time for the team but also improved operational efficiency. The centralized dashboard provided by Birdeye Listings simplifies workflows and ensures cohesive marketing efforts. For example, instead of individually updating each of the store locations for holiday hours or special promotions, adjustments can now be made in one location.

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The SEO Impact

The implementation of Birdeye Listings has significantly boosted Bed Pros Mattress's SEO performance. By ensuring the accuracy and consistency of their listings across major directories like Google, Facebook, and Apple Maps, Bed Pros Mattress has experienced an improvement in their search engine rankings. This enhanced online visibility has made it easier for potential customers to find accurate information about Bed Pros Mattress’ locations, ultimately contributing to their upward movement in search results.

"The ability to manage our listings from a centralized dashboard has been a game-changer for Bed Pros Mattress. It has not only improved our SEO by ensuring consistent information across the web but also saved us countless hours in manual updates. This level of efficiency has allowed us to focus more on strategic initiatives that drive our business forward."
Justin Shafran
Justin ShafranDirector of Web Operations

Enhanced Review Generation

Implementing Birdeye's automated review request feature, Bed Pros Mattress seamlessly integrates requests into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system,  Easy Process Pro. This capability allows them to send review requests to customers following their purchase, leveraging the immediacy of their experience. The impact has been significant, with review volume increasing by over 400% within the first month of using Birdeye.

To further incentivize their staff to send review requests, Bed Pros utilized Birdeye's leaderboard report. This report showcases the number of review requests sent by each employee, fostering a competitive atmosphere where employees are motivated to surpass their peers. This approach not only increases review quantity but also engages employees in the process.

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Enhanced Review Management and Engagement

Similar to Birdeye Listings, Birdeye Reviews empowers Bed Pros to manage and monitor feedback from 150+ third-party sites through a centralized dashboard. This approach enables swift responses to reviews, which is vital for maintaining their reputation. Review responses crafted within the dashboard are automatically posted on the third-party site, where the review was initially generated. 

Recognizing the importance of engaging with customer feedback, Bed Pros has instituted a policy where store managers are tasked with actively interacting with reviews. This ensures timely responses to customer comments, encouraging a culture of accountability and customer-centricity across the organization.

“Overall, Birdeye is one of the best marketing decisions we’ve ever made. Getting reviews and managing our online presence has made an impact, which has led to an increase in individuals landing on the website and coming through our doors!”
Cindy McCabe
Cindy McCabeTreasurer

Tangible Business Benefits

The surge in online reviews has led to substantial revenue gains for Bed Pros Mattress. Since integrating Birdeye, Bed Pros has seen improvements in their financial performance. This growth can be attributed to the influx of new customers who found Bed Pros through online reviews and accurate listings. In fact, many customers will read reviews about sales representatives and specifically ask for their assistance. 

This direct feedback loop underscores the significance of maintaining a positive online presence. It also demonstrates how digital word-of-mouth can directly impact customer decisions and contribute to business success.

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Driving Growth with Birdeye

By integrating with Birdeye, Bed Pros Mattress has significantly improved their online engagement and visibility. The automation of customer review requests and streamlined management of online listings across numerous sites has led to a substantial increase in review volume and more accurate business information. This strategic move has resulted in noticeable revenue growth and simplified processes, enabling Bed Pros to focus on driving sales and improving customer service. Start growing with Birdeye today!


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