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How Bizinga Increases Client Retention with Birdeye Social

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Company Snapshot

Bizinga stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions to businesses globally through omnichannel inbox services. Their mission is to equip organizations with modern tools and technology to elevate customer engagement and enhance overall productivity.

  • July 2018
“When we switched to Birdeye, it was a game-changer. Being able to shoot customers a quick text for reviews was a big deal back then. Now, with Birdeye growing and rolling out new products and features, we've grabbed hold of them and found a perfect fit for our clients.”
JD Dammeier
JD Dammeier Founder and CEO at Bizinga


The team at Bizinga is highly proficient in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service), UPaaS (Unified Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). Their deep expertise in these technologies streamlines communication and collaboration for businesses.

Like many agencies, they struggled to efficiently manage multiple clients' social media accounts. The growing demand for consistent, engaging content was becoming overwhelming. When Birdeye Social launched, Bizinga used the tools to simplify and enhance their social media management process. Birdeye integrates all communication channels into one central hub, improving response times and boosting customer satisfaction.

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Streamlining Social Media Management

Before Birdeye Social, Bizinga found managing numerous social media accounts for clients daunting. The manual processes to schedule posts, track engagement, and respond to interactions were time-consuming and prone to errors. This inefficiency impacted their ability to deliver timely, quality service to their clients.

With Birdeye Social, Bizinga saw immediate improvement. Birdeye’s unified dashboard allows them to manage all client accounts from a single location. This consolidation significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and minimizes errors. Bizinga can now focus on creating value for their clients rather than navigating operational inefficiencies.

"Birdeye Social has revolutionized our workflow. We can now manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard, saving us hours each week."
J.R. Prentice
J.R. PrenticeCo-founder of Bizinga

Leveraging AI for Content Creation

Creating unique, engaging content for multiple clients can be a formidable task. The need for fresh ideas and consistently high-quality content can be overwhelming. So, Bizinga turned to Birdeye Social's AI-powered tools to alleviate these pressures.

Birdeye’s AI capabilities help Bizinga  provide tailored content suggestions based on industry trends and client-specific needs. This saves time on brainstorming and content creation, so Bizinga can maintain a steady stream of engaging posts.. This innovation enhances the overall effectiveness of Bizinga’s social media strategy.

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Enhancing Content Quality Through Streamlined Approvals

Another challenge Bizinga faced was managing the content approval process for multiple clients. Ensuring every post met client expectations before going live often led to delays. Birdeye Social’s automated content approval workflows streamlined this process significantly.

Birdeye Social's approval workflows are customizable. Bizinga can send posts to internal and external collaborators for feedback and approval. That way, each piece of social content receives the necessary review before it's published. The platform notifies collaborators via email., They can then approve, reject, or provide feedback with ease. Automating the approval process saves time and ensures accurate, consistent content gets published.

"The automated approval workflows in Birdeye Social have been a game-changer for us. We can now ensure all content is vetted and approved quickly, without the back-and-forth delays that used to slow us down." 
 J.R. Prentice
J.R. PrenticeCo-founder of Bizinga

Boosting Client Engagement

Fresh content and workflows weren’t the only hurdles Bizinga aimed to overcome. Boosting client engagement was another primary goal for Bizinga. Before Birdeye, the team often missed opportunities for meaningful interactions.

Birdeye Social addresses these engagement challenges directly. The tools empower Bizinga to post regularly and interact with audiences more effectively. Birdeye’s intuitive interface allows Bizinga to monitor and respond to customer comments, messages, and reviews in real-time. These immediate interactions improve customer satisfaction and foster community and loyalty among audiences. 

Birdeye’s centralized dashboard ensures that no customer query or comment goes unnoticed., Now Bizinga’s clients can maintain a consistent and engaging presence across all channels.

"The ability to schedule posts and manage interactions has significantly improved our engagement rates. Our clients are thrilled with the increased interaction on their social media pages."
J.R. Prentice
J.R. PrenticeCo-founder of Bizinga
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Increasing Client Retention and Revenue

The comprehensive services from Birdeye Social improve client satisfaction and boost client retention for Bizinga. With valuable solutions such as social media management, Bizinga can strengthen client relationships and build trust.

The effectiveness of Birdeye Social allows Bizinga to upsell their products. Demonstrating tangible improvements in social engagement and customer satisfaction justifies additional investments. Bizinga’s revenue increases for every additional service clients adopt.

Innovative Sales Success with Birdeye Support

Bizinga has achieved remarkable success through their sales process, committed onboarding, and proactive, customer-centric approach. Bizinga's partnership with Birdeye transformed their social media management process. By streamlining operations, enhancing engagement, and leveraging AI for content creation, Bizinga can provide exceptional service to their clients. These efficiencies lead to increased satisfaction and revenue growth.

Experience the results for yourself. Partner with Birdeye today call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com.

"Birdeye's Social platform not only helped us retain clients but also provided opportunities to increase our revenue through additional services. It's a win-win situation."
J.R. Prentice
J.R. PrenticeCo-founder of Bizinga

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