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Body Pleasure Piercing uses consistent customer experience to increase reviews by 304%

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Company Snapshot

Body Pleasure Piercing is a piercing studio located in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in body piercing, including ear, nose, and navel piercings, as well as dermal and surface piercings. Body Pleasure Piercing is known for their attention to detail and commitment to providing a safe and comfortable experience for their clients. They use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that their piercings are performed safely and with minimal discomfort. In addition to their piercing services, Body Pleasure Piercing also offers a wide selection of high-quality body jewellery, including pieces made from gold, titanium, and other premium materials. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help clients choose the perfect piece of jewellery to complement their piercing.

  • October 2020
  • 1986
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A simple way to request reviews

Body Pleasure Piercing was looking for a way to secure their local reputation online, and they wanted an authentic and efficient method to follow after a customer visits the store.

Birdeye gets you real results that help you be chosen

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Data is from over 90,000 Birdeye business customers

“When first signing up to Cube, I was most interested in review generation. I don’t always request reviews face to face, so I use the platform to send bulk review requests to all my customers at the end of every day.“
Ronda Polley
Ronda PolleyOwner & Founder, Body Pleasure Piercing

Results that speak for themselves

  • 1604 new reviews generated
  • 1,600 inbound messages to their unified inbox
  • 210% increase in calls to the business (3,094 calls)
  • 220% increase in website visitors (9,862 clicks)
  • 18% increase in direction requests (3,094 requests)
  • 62% increase in discovery searches (137,799 appearances)
  • 54% increase in Google profile views (196,362 views)

"Now, my favourite part of the software is sending review requests. This has been a lot easier as Birdeye directly integrates with my CRM 'Square'."
Ronda Polley
Ronda PolleyOwner & Founder, Body Pleasure Piercing

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