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Driving Digital Engagement with CF Search Marketing and Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Established in 2008, CF Search Marketing is a full-service Digital and Traditional marketing agency offering in-store visits and 24/7/365 live support. They are automotive experts with over 40 brands nationwide. CF Search uses success-driven proprietary technologies to be a “Conversion-Focused” top performer at generating quality traffic and conversions.

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"Our goal is to reflect the true customer satisfaction that we know exists but isn’t  being showcased online."
Dan Hachey
Dan HacheyCF Search Marketing


CF Search Marketing faced a common yet critical challenge — enhancing the online reputation of car dealerships. Despite high internal service ratings, these dealerships often faced mediocre public ratings on key platforms such as Google and Facebook. This gap between perceived and actual service quality could turn away potential customers. By partnering with Birdeye, they aimed to transform this narrative by leveraging advanced digital strategies to increase and enhance both the quantity and quality of customer reviews.

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Elevating and Engaging

Upon recognizing the discrepancy between internal satisfaction scores and public ratings, CF Search Marketing leveraged Birdeye’s capabilities to strategically elevate dealership reviews. This partnership facilitated a deeper dive into customer feedback patterns, guiding the optimization of the review collection process.

Using Birdeye Reports to analyze review trends, the team identified and engaged with satisfied customers who traditionally did not leave reviews. This targeted approach helped to balance the online narrative, ensuring that the positive experiences of numerous customers were showcased prominently alongside any negative feedback.

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Integrative Solutions for Comprehensive Feedback

To enhance the effectiveness of online review generation, CF Search Marketing collaborated with Birdeye to integrate the dealerships' Dealer Management Systems (DMS) with the Birdeye platform. This integration led to a seamless process for capturing and leveraging customer feedback. 

The key to this integration is the automatic generation of review requests to customers shortly after their transactions. Customer receive tailored messages via text or email, inviting them to share their recent experience online. This method not only facilitates ease of review submission but also ensures that the feedback is timely and representative of the customer’s immediate impressions. 

This automated approach enables a more consistent and expansive collection of genuine customer feedback, significantly enhancing the visibility and impact of positive reviews across online platforms.

"With Birdeye's help, we can automate the process and reach out to every customer, making it easy for them to share their positive experiences."
Dan Hachey
Dan HacheyCF Search Marketing

Tangible Results and Reputation Enhancement

The implementation of Birdeye's review management system delivered immediate and notable improvements for CF Search Marketing's clients. Within just a few months,  dealerships experienced an increase in positive reviews across major platforms such as Google, Facebook, and DealerRater, leading to a noticeable elevation in their public rating.  

Results for Individual Clients:

  • One dealership notably increased their review count by 500% in the first month, boosting their online visibility.
  • As a result of an increase in positive feedback, another dealership improved their Google rating from 3.7 to 4.0 stars within four months. 
  • A third client boosted its average review scores from 3.0 to 4.8 within two months, improving their positive customer feedback by 60%

The results not only enhanced the online presence of these dealerships but also made them more appealing to potential customers. Improved ratings boosted their search engine rankings, leading to higher traffic both online and in-person. This increase in visibility has been crucial in attracting new customers and driving sales, showcasing the direct benefits of effective reputation management. 

"We watched our client's ratings climb from average to outstanding, which has been a game changer for their business." 

Dan Hachey
Dan HacheyCF Search Marketing

Sustaining Success and Continuous Improvement

While the initial results from the partnership between CF Search Marketing and Birdeye were impressive, the true test of their strategy's success lay in its sustainability. Both parties are committed to a long-term approach, aiming not just for a temporary boost but for long-lasting improvements in dealership reputations. 

Birdeye's analytics tools play a crucial role in this ongoing effort, enabling real-time monitoring of feedback across key review platforms. This continuous flow of data allows CF Search Marketing to quickly identify and address any emerging issues before they negatively affect the dealership's ratings. This proactive reputation management helps maintain consistently high review scores. 

Additionally, incorporating this feedback into daily operations cultivates a culture of continuous improvement among dealership staff. With a heightened focus on each customer interaction, employees are better equipped to uphold and enhance the quality of service.  This awareness not only maintains but also strengthens their reputation as leaders in customer service within the automotive industry.

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Powerful Partners

The partnership between CF Search Marketing and Birdeye showcases the transformative power of integrating advanced digital tools with strategic marketing approaches. The significant improvement in dealership ratings not only enhances their online reputation but also sets a new standard in customer engagement within the automotive sector. Start your Birdeye journey today!

Schedule a demo today, call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to partnersales@birdeye.com.

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"Thanks to Birdeye, our clients are not only seen as top-rated dealerships but also experience a tangible increase in customer trust and business growth."
Dan Hachey
Dan HacheyCF Search Marketing

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