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Real-time engagement boosts resident acquisition

Client since: January 2016

This property management company needed to gain a competitive edge online, and to do so would require significantly more reviews from current residents. To acquire new residents, Coastal Ridge would also need to act on these reviews to improve resident experience and earn higher ratings. Using BirdEye to engage with residents in real-time and access deep feedback insights, in less than one year, Coastal Ridge generated 7x more Google reviews and 2x more Facebook reviews, improving their average nationwide rating from 3.5 to 4.1.

Company Snapshot

32 locations in the U.S.
BirdEye client since
January 2016


Ranking below competitors in relevant online search results
Inability to address feedback promptly and resolve resident issues


SMS review requests sent to each resident via customized monthly drip campaigns

Negative feedback routed privately to management

Satisfied residents directed to Google and Facebook


In one year with BirdEye, Coastal Ridge:

Increased nationwide rating from 3.5 to 4.1

Generated 7x more Google reviews, 2x more Facebook reviews

Improved customer service/experience score from B+ to A

411 negative reviews routed directly to management through BirdEye platform for immediate issue resolution

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Collect high volume of feedback to boost resident satisfaction

In the intensely competitive residential services market, having “good” online ratings is not enough: to acquire new residents, Coastal Ridge Real Estate needed high ratings from a large volume of resident reviews on a variety of sites--for all of their 32 nationwide properties. To ensure positive experiences, Coastal Ridge sought a way to generate 100s of new reviews on Google and Facebook while staying engaged with all feedback in real-time in order to resolve issues immediately.

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Real-time resident engagement accelerates issue resolution

With BirdEye, Coastal Ridge sends real-time SMS review requests to each resident immediately after an interaction. BirdEye pre-qualifies sentiment from the very beginning: residents with negative feedback are directed to relevant managers through private channels. Real-time alerts notify appropriate staff of incoming new reviews, enabling quick issue resolution and preventing problems from escalating to public sites. Satisfied residents are automatically routed to the top review site of their choice: Google, or Facebook.

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Higher ratings from hundreds of new reviews

Less than one year after BirdEye, Coastal Ridge generated 7x more Google reviews and 2x more Facebook reviews, boosting their nationwide rating from 3.5 to 4.1. With an easy, convenient way to leave feedback, more residents were willing to do so. Dedicated responses to resident issues created positive experiences out of initial frustrations. Happy resident voices were amplified to Google and Facebook, improving ratings, informing home seekers, and boosting resident acquisition. This surge in satisfaction was further illustrated by BirdEye’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) insight: Coastal Ridge’s sentiment score for Customer Service/Experience increased from B+ to A as a result of their customer-centric initiatives.

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