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Optimizing Coleman Taylor Transmissions' Online Presence with Birdeye Listings

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Company Snapshot

Established in 1961, Coleman Taylor Transmissions has built a reputation as the leading provider of transmission services in the Memphis area. Known for their expertise and commitment to superior service, the company has been a trusted choice for vehicle owners for over six decades. Coleman Taylor Transmissions is dedicated to delivering stress-free and problem-free experiences, offering effective solutions for a wide range of transmission issues. With a focus on customer satisfaction and reliable service, they continue to be a beacon of trust in the automotive industry.

  • 14 locations
  • July 2020
“Birdeye Listings is incredibly user-friendly and makes it easy to consistently update our Google Business Profile information which is immensely important for Google's ranking algorithm."
Mary Rabalais
Mary RabalaisSEO Consultant and Web Design


Before adopting Birdeye Listings and Reviews, Coleman Taylor Transmissions encountered challenges associated with inconsistent business listings across online platforms. Their limited presence throughout essential sites, such as Google, Facebook, Bing, and Apple, was impacting their visibility in local search results. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, they turned to Birdeye to transform their online presence and how they managed their online reputation.

Multi-location Management through a Centralized Dashboard

Birdeye’s dashboard quickly became the nerve center for all listing-related activities, offering a comprehensive solution for the challenges Coleman Taylor Transmissions faced. Birdeye’s all-in-one dashboard provides them with a user-friendly interface, enabling them to effortlessly navigate and manage different listing sites that affect their online presence.

Through Birdeye Listings, Coleman Taylor Transmissions creates, updates, and manages business listings for all of their locations. This enhanced accessibility allows them to update information with ease, ensuring accuracy and synchronization across their 588+ listings.

The efficiency of this process not only resolved existing discrepancies but also laid the groundwork for a more strategic and optimized approach to SEO. 

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Measurable Impact on SEO Performance

The journey from scattered and inconsistent listings to a unified, strategically tailored online presence had a measurable impact on Coleman Taylor Transmissions' SEO performance. Birdeye played a pivotal role in this transformation and has assisted in providing tangible results. 

Since partnering with Birdeye, Coleman Taylor Transmission has seen the following from Google alone:


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Their success highlights the significance of effectively managing an online presence not only on all listing sites but particularly on those that are most prominent. Coleman Taylor Transmissions depends on Birdeye to enhance their SEO performance, given that Google, Facebook, Bing, and Apple Listings hold top positions in consumer searches.

“Birdeye Listings covers the major business directories, and when we need to update operating hours or a phone number for one of our shops, it only takes us a minute, and our profile gets automatically updated across all directories.”
Mary Rabalais
Mary RabalaisSEO Consultant and Web Design

Continuous Improvement and Adaptive Strategies

Moving past the immediate effects, Birdeye enables Coleman Taylor Transmissions to adopt a mindset of ongoing enhancement and flexible SEO strategies. Utilizing Birdeye's local listings analytics, they acquire valuable insights guiding their continuous optimization endeavors. Access to a comprehensive library of reports, including key metrics on listing performance, such as site traffic, call volume, and keyword ranking, allows them to effortlessly monitor and improve performance while addressing any concerns in real-time.

As local search algorithms evolve, Coleman Taylor Transmissions remains agile, leveraging Birdeye's adaptability to stay ahead of the curve. This commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that they not only maintain their SEO success but also continue to thrive in the dynamic digital ecosystem.

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Maximizing Review Impact

Additionally, Birdeye Reviews plays a crucial role in helping Coleman Taylor Transmissions effectively generate, manage, and respond to customer reviews. Since partnering with Birdeye, Coleman Taylor Transmissions has gained 1.7K new reviews and now averages a 4.5 rating across all locations.

Utilizing Birdeye’s user-friendly options for creating personalized responses ensures that Coleman Taylor Transmissions can quickly address reviews while maintaining a consistent and empathetic tone in their interactions. This collaborative environment facilitated by Birdeye empowers Coleman Taylor Transmissions to not only efficiently manage reviews but also enhance their overall customer experience, contributing to the establishment and maintenance of a positive online presence.

Moreover, actively responding to reviews not only fosters customer engagement but also boosts SEO performance. Search engines prioritize businesses that are actively engaged with their audience, making them more relevant and trustworthy. By promptly addressing reviews, Coleman Taylor Transmissions signals to search engines their responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction, which improves their online visibility and reputation.  

Leveraging AI Sophistication

Birdeye's AI capabilities significantly enhance Coleman Taylor Transmissions' review management. With AI-assisted responses, they can efficiently personalize review replies at scale, streamlining engagement with customer feedback. 

The Review Summary tool offers a quick overview of sentiment across hundreds of reviews, helping identify strengths and areas for improvement. The ability to create location-specific reports adds specificity, enabling targeted strategy adjustments.

Overall, Birdeye's AI features contribute to a more streamlined, insightful, and efficient approach to managing and responding to reviews for Coleman Taylor Transmissions.

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“The AI review response capabilities are wonderful and provide innovative options for us. The entire process is extremely quick and user-friendly!”
Mary Rabalais
Mary RabalaisSEO Consultant and Web Design

Elevate Your Search Ranking

Teaming up with Birdeye, Coleman Taylor Transmissions continually enhances their online visibility.  With Birdeye's streamlined listing management, strengthened by efficient review handling and AI-driven personalized responses, Coleman Taylor Transmissions effortlessly nurtures a positive online presence. These contemporary and effective strategies not only boost visibility where customers search the most but also set the stage for standing out. Take charge of your online presence with Birdeye today and start making an impact where it counts!

Schedule a demo today, call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com. 

“I would definitely recommend Birdeye to anyone who needs help managing those popular business listings that matter the most."
Mary Rabalais
Mary RabalaisSEO Consultant and Web Design

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