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Seamless Customer Interaction, 147 Leads through Webchat

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Company Snapshot

Echo Wireless is an Internet Service Provider based in Brownwood, Texas. The company provides fixed wireless Internet services to rural areas in Texas & New Mexico.

  • Aug 2019

Before coming to Birdeye, Echo Wireless had different teams for tech support, sales, and billing with different online communications channels for each team. All these teams interacted with customers, but didn't have an easy way to interact with them across channels. 

Echo wanted to simplify their customer engagement and combine all their teams' online customer interactions into one easy platform. A search for a software solution led to Birdeye. 

“Birdeye has completely restructured the way we do business. We're more agile in converting our sales leads because of Birdeye webchat, and we're seeing over twice as many internet search inquiries due to our ratings & reviews.” 
Brandy MillsOperations Manager

Easy Customer Interaction

Birdeye’s dashboard allows employees to view all customer messages in one place. This simplification in processes allowed Echo to combine their different teams into one. Instead of having all employees answering calls while juggling multiple sites for online communication, Echo now has one online communication team who are online from 6am - 10pm. This team is cross-trained to respond to tech support, sales, and billing issues all through Birdeye Messaging

Birdeye Messaging allows Echo Wireless to communicate with customers via text, which is nowadays the preferred mode of communication for customers. Employees never even have to pick up the phone since communications are primarily handled through Birdeye. 

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Birdeye Messaging also allows Echo to connect with customers on Facebook Messenger, a platform that was previously being neglected. Text messages and Facebook messages can both be viewed on the Birdeye dashboard. That makes it easy for employees to respond to every customer query, no matter where they come from. 

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Echo also uses Birdeye webchat to communicate with website visitors. Birdeye webchat allows Echo to communicate with visitors who have questions or want more information. In just four and a half months, the business has gotten 147 leads from webchat. 

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More Customer Reviews

Birdeye also allows Echo Wireless to manage online reviews via email and text after a sale or support interaction. These review requests link to relevant sites like Google and Facebook. 

These efforts have paid off. Echo Wireless now has more than 250 reviews across the Internet with an overall star rating of 4.4. 

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ROI from Birdeye

While Echo Wireless was ranking high in search results before starting with Birdeye, they were getting very few calls from Google. While prospective customers saw Echo’s listing, they weren’t actually making purchases. Echo started seeing significantly more calls from Google after collecting reviews with Birdeye. 

Echo Wireless has tracked the number of sales they’ve gotten from Google before and after starting with Birdeye. Here are the numbers.

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Drive Growth with Birdeye

With Birdeye, Echo Wireless is now interacting with customers more effectively, collecting more reviews, and growing business.

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

Winning over 400 awards for 10 quarters in a row, Birdeye is the most-awarded and highest-rated customer experience software for businesses of all sizes.

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