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Providing streamlined support with Reviews, Messaging, and Webchat

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Company Snapshot

Established in 2006, Genesis Counseling Center supports nearly 10,000 clients every month throughout Virginia and, most recently, Texas. Genesis Counseling Center is dedicated to providing diverse mental health outpatient services from a dedicated team of over 80 licensed clinicians alongside 40 students, interns, and residents. Guided by core principles rooted in excellence, teamwork, character, legacy, and growth, Genesis Counseling Center tirelessly delivers outstanding care to individuals in search of assistance while continuously striving to provide the best service to their communities.

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“Having effective and efficient systems to manage our practice is critical. Birdeye has helped us bring our mission of touching lives and inspiring life to more clients, which allows us to make a difference each and every time we engage.”
Steven Greer
Steven GreerCOO, Genesis Counseling Center


With self-referrals on the rise and the demand for mental health services reaching an all-time high, Genesis Counseling Center recognized that client journeys often start with an online search. Birdeye provides innovative and strategic ways for Genesis Counseling Center to manage and grow their reputation while offering omnichannel communication to deliver hope sooner.

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Sometimes Hope Starts with an Online Search

Before partnering with Birdeye, Genesis Counseling Center noticed a disconnect between their online reputation and the core values they uphold. This disconnect stemmed from not having a streamlined and compliant method to solicit feedback from clients, resulting in Genesis Counseling Center receiving negative feedback only from those who were compelled to share their grievances online.

It can be difficult to solicit reviews in the mental health space,   but with Birdeye’s streamlined, automated requests, Genesis Counseling Center can now organically and privately request client feedback. This has impacted their online reputation tremendously, transforming their Google ratings from a 3-star average (55 reviews) to a 4.6-star average (1.1k reviews).

Their new glowing reviews help Genesis Counseling Center touch the lives of more individuals and now reflect the quality of their craft. Furthermore, Birdeye gives them an efficient way to manage and reply to incoming reviews with new AI-powered capabilities, showcase positive experiences, and initiate trust from first impressions.

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“Our client’s journey has two moments of truth. The first moment of truth is when they evaluate the information that they have available and make a decision whether or not to reach out. And then there's that second moment of truth when they actually engage with us. With Birdeye, we now offer a HIPPA-compliant webchat platform that really helps us accelerate that connection and deliver hope for those in need.”
Steven Greer
Steven GreerCOO, Genesis Counseling Center

Since implementing Birdeye, Genesis Counseling Center has seen improvements such as:

  • Over 1k new reviews generated across all sources 
  • A new overall rating of 4.5 stars across all sources
  • 158.8K profile impressions
  • 54.4k website visits
  • Over 23K new messages using Messaging
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Accelerating Care through Webchat

Another area Genesis Counseling Center aimed to improve was the way new and existing clients found answers to burning questions. New clients often reach out to Genesis Counseling Center during times of need, and scanning the website for information is not practical when immediate care is needed. Webchat provides a better communication channel for younger clients and for those that may be hesitant to call and ask a question they perceive as trivial or shameful.

Birdeye Webchat has transformed the way Genesis Counseling Center interacts with clients. Robin, Birdeye’s AI-powered chatbot, swiftly addresses common questions about hours, insurance, and availability, while Genesis Counseling Center’s live agents instantly connect with those needing more assistance. Webchat reduces phone calls, improving the team’s efficiency and ability to help more clients every day.

Additionally, Genesis Counseling Center can now exchange sensitive information with current clients through HIPAA-secure, encrypted messages, surpassing the speed of traditional mail and providing instant results. Birdeye Webchat has impacted the quality and speed of care Genesis Counseling Center provides and resulted in an impeccable one minute median response time.

Optimizing Care with BirdAI Messaging

While Webchat has delivered incredible results, it is only one part of Genesis Counseling Center’s Inbox. Before adopting Birdeye, they struggled with maintaining incoming messages from various channels, sometimes causing duplicate efforts when contacted by the same person more than once. Birdeye’s inbox helps Genesis Counseling Center consolidate communication channels, ensuring organization and reducing redundancy in communication.

Most recently, Birdeye has supercharged Messaging with BirdAI capabilities such as Summarize and Rephrasing. Summarize is a game-changer for Genesis Counseling Center’s teams, especially when conversations become lengthy and challenging to review. Summarize enables teams to quickly grasp the client's story through AI-generated summaries instead of scrolling through past conversations.

Genesis Counseling Center employs Rephrasing to answer clients when conversations become particularly difficult. Rephrasing instantly composes responses that ensure clients feel heard and supported promptly. This increased efficiency allows Genesis Counseling Center to provide more hope and assistance to clients than ever before.

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“People often come to us when they are at a breaking point or something significant has happened, and they need help right away. So, the sooner that we can make that connection with them, the better. We’ve  found that Birdeye Webchat has been instrumental in jump-starting that process because they're able to quickly get exactly what they need through Robin or our live agents.”
Steven Greer
Steven GreerCOO, Genesis Counseling Center
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Streamline care with Birdeye

With Birdeye’s AI-powered tools and seamless integrations, Genesis Counseling Center now has hundreds of positive reviews that boast about their care. They can quickly connect with clients through preferred omnichannel messaging while maintaining a secure environment to exchange sensitive information. Start streamlining care for your patients and customers with Birdeye.

Schedule a demo today, call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com.

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