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How Mecca Property Management Enhances Resident Engagement with Integrated Birdeye Surveys

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Company Snapshot

Located in Utah, Mecca Property Management handles both multifamily and commercial properties. The company manages over 2 million square feet of commercial space and 1,300 residential units. The client-centric team works closely with property owners to understand their investment goals. These tailored services result in optimal performance and retention across all properties.

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Mecca Property Management faced challenges in efficiently gathering and utilizing customer feedback. They needed an automated solution to customize surveys for residents in order to, improve services and processes. Birdeye Surveys, integrated with their existing PMS, Appfolio, provided the perfect solution.

"Birdeye’s automation has been a game-changer. We no longer have to manually send surveys, which saves us a lot of time and ensures consistency."
Travis Baker
Travis BakerPresident of Mecca Property Management

Automating Feedback Collection

Before Birdeye, Mecca relied on manual surveys that were time-consuming and often overlooked. These surveys lacked customization and didn’t provide the detailed feedback needed. 

Integrating Birdeye Surveys with Appfolio changed this by automating their feedback process. Surveys are now automatically triggered by key events: move-ins, work orders, and renewals. This ensures timely and consistent feedback collection.

Gathering precise feedback ensures Mecca can capture and analyze resident feedback in real-time. Mecca also gains deeper insights with questions tailored to resident needs. That way, they can identify areas for improvement and measure resident satisfaction. 

The seamless flow of information between Birdeye and Appfolio ensures that no feedback goes unheard. Now Mecca has a comprehensive understanding of resident experiences without additional administrative work.

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"The ability to customize our surveys has provided us with insights tailored to our needs, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach of our old process."
Travis Baker
Travis BakerPresident of Mecca Property Management

Customizing Surveys for Better Insights

One key advantage of Birdeye Surveys is customization. Tailored surveys capture the depth of feedback Mecca needs to improve operations.

With Birdeye, Mecca can design surveys that address various stages of the resident lifecycle. For instance, a survey is automatically sent to a resident after they move in to gauge initial impressions and satisfaction. Similarly, after a work order is completed, a survey is sent to gather feedback on the service. These details help Mecca understand what’s performing well and what needs improvement in specific service areas.

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Enhancing Resident Engagement

Birdeye Surveys has significantly enhanced resident engagement for Mecca Property Management. Sending surveys at key points in the resident lifecycle gives Mecca valuable feedback. Plus, it demonstrates their commitment to resident satisfaction. This proactive approach fosters positive resident relationships, encouraging open communication and trust.

Residents feel heard when their opinions are asked for and acted upon. That’s why Surveys lead to higher satisfaction levels, retention rates, and for Mecca, a notable 54% increase in NPS promoters in less than 6 months. Focusing on resident engagement creates a welcoming atmosphere. If residents know their feedback matters, it enhances their overall living experience.

Based on resident feedback, Mecca tailors events and services to meet their needs. Mecca can build community and improve the quality of life now that they understand what residents value most.

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Seamless Data Management

Moreover, Birdeye provides Mecca with advanced analytics and reporting tools. Data from these customized surveys is compiled into easy-to-read reports that, highlight key trends. These reports can be segmented by property, allowing Mecca to pinpoint issues at specific locations and address them promptly. 

Keywords and sentiment analysis from Birdeye further enrich the feedback. That way, Mecca has a clear picture of resident perception.

The Birdeye Surveys and Appfolio integration ensures survey data is visible in Mecca’s business intelligence dashboard. This centralized dashboard combines survey results with other key metrics: occupancy rates, net operating income, and Google reviews. 

With all of this information in one place, Mecca can make informed business decisions. They’ve successfully enhanced property reputation and boosted resident satisfaction, contributing to their impressive average rating of 4.5 stars across all sites.

"Real-time feedback through Birdeye keeps us on our toes. We can address any issues immediately, ensuring residents are always satisfied."
Travis Baker
Travis BakerPresident of Mecca Property Management

Feedback Forward with Birdeye Surveys

Mecca Property Management enhances feedback collection by integrating Birdeye’s automated, custom surveys into daily operations. This data in their business intelligence dashboard enables informed, data-driven decisions. That way, Mecca can improve both property management and resident engagement. Birdeye Surveys works in harmony with Appfolio to boost Mecca’s operations and resident satisfaction. Discover the power of automated feedback with Birdeye today!

Schedule a demo today, call 1-800-561-3357 ext 1, or send an email to sales@birdeye.com. 

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