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Expanding Sunburst Shutter’s Digital Reach Through Strategic Birdeye Messaging

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Company Snapshot

Sunburst Shutters has been setting the standard of quality and craftsmanship for over 40 years. With 35 locations across North America, they are renowned for producing the world’s finest shutters, superior blinds, and shades. Sunburst Shutters is committed to delivering exceptional products and ensuring every customer enjoys a more beautiful home for years to come.

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When the pandemic hit, Sunburst Shutters faced the challenge of maintaining their renowned customer service while adhering to new health and safety guidelines. This led them to implement Birdeye Messaging and Webchat, which enabled Sunburst Shutters to adapt their business model. This strategic pivot ensured that customer engagement remained strong without compromising the quality of their interactions.

"The shift to Birdeye's Webchat was like opening a new door for our customers, directly linking them to us in real-time, a move that significantly enhanced our lead capture strategy."
Marisa Endy-Vanchieri
Marisa Endy-VanchieriDirector of Social Marketing
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Lead Capture Revolution with Birdeye Webchat

Birdeye's Webchat has transformed Sunburst Shutters' approach to engaging with potential customers. This tool allows real-time conversations directly on their website, providing instant responses to customer inquiries. This immediate communication enhances the customer journey, making Sunburst Shutters more accessible and responsive, which aligns with modern consumer expectations. 

This functionality has increased lead generation and laid the groundwork for building stronger customer relationships from the first interaction. Since adopting Birdeye Webchat, Sunburst Shutters has generated over 15,000 new leads. 

"Before Birdeye Webchat, the only way we could capture website leads was through a form. Now, with Webchat, we've received thousands of leads. Webchat and business texting have become essential to our day-to-day business."
Marisa Endy-Vanchieri
Marisa Endy-VanchieriDirector of Social Marketing

Mobile Solutions: Adapting to a New Normal

The pandemic necessitated a swift shift to virtual consultations, a challenge Sunburst Shutters met by leveraging Birdeye's mobile messaging. This transition allowed them to conduct detailed virtual consultations, share product images, and finalize purchases — all from the safety and convenience of a mobile device. 

This adaptation preserved the high standards of Sunburst's "white glove" service, enhancing the customer experience with added convenience and flexibility. The ability to replicate in-person consultations digitally underscored Sunburst Shutter’s resilience and commitment to excellence, even in challenging circumstances.

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Seamless Integration for Unified Communication

Birdeye's straightforward, "turn-key" solution fits seamlessly with Sunburst Shutter’s existing systems, unlike previous cumbersome software attempts. This easy adoption allowed Sunburst Shutters to quickly synchronize their digital communication strategy across all locations, enhancing overall efficiency and ensuring consistent, high-quality customer interactions. 

With the Birdeye Inbox, Sunburst Shutters has furthered their operations. This centralized hub for managing communications across social media, Webchat, and Google Business Messages enables efficient handling and broadens their digital reach, ensuring top-notch customer service.

"Integrating Birdeye was straightforward. It transformed our scattered communications into a cohesive, streamlined operation that felt natural to our team."
 Marisa Endy-Vanchieri
Marisa Endy-VanchieriDirector of Social Marketing
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A Model for Digital Excellence

Sunburst Shutters’ partnership with Birdeye demonstrates the pivotal role of digital solutions in enhancing customer service. This collaboration helped Sunburst Shutters navigate pandemic-related challenges and elevated their service delivery model, setting new standards in the industry. Emphasizing adaptability and innovative solutions, Sunburst Shutters has strengthened customer relationships and established itself as a field leader. 

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