THRIVE Affordable Vet Care

Delivering Stellar Patient Experience Across 85 Locations

Client since: September 2019

THRIVE Affordable Vet Care is a multi-location veterinarian practice with more than 85 locations. THRIVE knows that over 40% of animals are unseen by medical professionals and they strive to reduce the barriers and be the top choice for pet owners. They focus on efficiencies and streamlining processes to reduce costs so they can offer unprecedented value to their clients.

Before BirdEye, THRIVE was using two different systems for reviews and surveys- ReviewTrackers and SurveyMonkey. The practice was not satisfied with either solution. ReviewTrackers was far too simple for reviews management, while SurveyMonkey did not allow the practice to dive into survey data the way the practice wanted to. THRIVE began looking for a single platform that could help them address both their needs, was more robust and customizable. 

THRIVE needed a software that could track overall experience across all of its different locations so patients and owners could expect the same stellar quality no matter where they went. THRIVE realized that BirdEye was the perfect software because it allowed them to get in-depth feedback from both reviews and surveys- all in one easy-to-use platform.

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"BirdEye provides intelligible insights to our teams so they can slice and dice survey and user-submitted review data based on our custom location hierarchy and actively ensure clients continue to bring their pets to THRIVE."

Benjamin Trotter 1584423923252Benjamin TrotterVP Marketing at THRIVE Affordable Vet Care

Monitoring Reviews with BirdEye

THRIVE uses BirdEye to monitor reviews from all over the Internet within the dashboard. THRIVE can see how patients are rating their practices on different sites, including Google, Facebook and Yelp

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Since THRIVE has so many different locations, team members keep a close eye on each one to make sure that the same fantastic patient experience is being delivered all over the country. With BirdEye, THRIVE can easily sort through every one of its locations.

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BirdEye reports allow THRIVE to visualize review data. THRIVE uses BirdEye to see how reviews changed over time, by location, and by market. 

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Responding to Reviews

With BirdEye, THRIVE can easily respond to reviews from all over the Internet. All the staff member has to do is leave a response on the BirdEye dashboard. The response then appears on the site where the review was originally posted. 

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Customized Surveys

With BirdEye, THRIVE can send customized surveys where they can measure overall experience. BirdEye surveys allow THRIVE to dig in data by market, city, and state. 

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THRIVE area managers can then use this feedback to find possible areas for improvement. The BirdEye dashboard allows them to view survey responses and view data by different locations. 

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BirdEye Insights

Surveys aren’t the only product that THRIVE uses to improve patient experience. THRIVE also uses BirdEye insights. These insights use Natural Language Processing to comb through online reviews, giving grades on different categories. Area managers can use this data to pinpoint problems in patient experience

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THRIVE uses BirdEye insights to see what owners are mentioning in reviews- and whether these categories are being mentioned in a positive or negative context. 

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THRIVE uses BirdEye to see how different locations are performing on each one of these different categories. If a location is underperforming, an area manager can take steps to immediately remedy the problem. 

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Improving Patient Experience with BirdEye

With BirdEye, THRIVE can now keep a close eye on patient feedback across all of its 80+ locations. Now, THRIVE doesn’t need to focus on maintaining two different platforms for reviews and surveys- team members can focus on delivering value.

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