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Setup Receptionist

Did you know that 20-30% of business phone calls go unanswered? And 34% of callers who hang up won’t call back ever. 

  • Every missed phone call is a missed opportunity. 
  • You have a business to run, and it is almost impossible to answer the phone each time it rings or to respond to voicemails immediately. 
  • Birdeye’s Receptionist answers your calls for you when you can’t get to the phone so that you never lose out on another customer. 
  • It engages your callers and captures their voice messages. 
  • When a caller leaves a message, Birdeye’s Receptionist transcribes it and sends you a notification so you can respond on time. 
  • It also sends your caller a text acknowledging that their message has been received. This reassures them that they will hear back from you soon. 
Easily respond to these callers via text, the channel that consumers prefer so that you can convert them and bring in more business.