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Review Guidelines

Your Review Is Important

Birdeye’s vision is for the customer to become a partner with the business in the continuous improvement of products and services. Your feedback, positive and negative, plays a key role in both the ongoing customer experience and the product/service cycle. Your review will certainly be read by the business, as well as by consumers looking for help in selecting a business.

Honesty and Trust

Whether positive, negative, or mixed, your review should be an honest and factual account of your experience. Birdeye aims to build trust between the customer, the business and other consumers — your honesty helps ensure that trust.

Keep it Polite and Constructive

Everybody has bad days. So do businesses. Keep that in mind when providing feedback on less-than-stellar service or product performance. Strive to make criticism constructive and actionable so the business can best make use of your input to improve.

Add Personality

Undoubtedly, reviews can have entertainment value, so don’t hold back on including your personal point of view and sense of humor.

Unacceptable Content

Slander, abusive, discriminatory, misleading, racist, illicit or pornographic content — as well as spam and links to websites — will be removed. Keep in mind that the business could legally — possibly in court — prevail against false allegations and defamation.

Your Privacy

Since your review will be read by other consumers and made public, you should refrain from including private data about you or third parties.