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May 10, 2019

Birdeye enhances Enterprise User Management

ImprovementAfter announcing a new User Management flow, Birdeye has now enhanced the features of User Management. Business owners can now assign more locations to a user, manage notifications and upload users in bulk.
Birdeye enhances Enterprise User Management

After a successful launch of a new User Management flow, Birdeye has further enhanced its features. Now, assigning a new role to a user, managing notifications and uploading users in bulk are made easier than before. You can also add a user to all the locations of your business and make them an 'Enterprise' user.

Here are the key highlights of the release:

  • Users will now have a single role across all the locations of the business. A user can be an 'Admin', 'Owner' or 'Guest' for the locations it has been assigned to.
  • There will be only one level of notifications for a user for all the locations assigned to it. These settings will be defined while creating the user.
  • During bulk upload, a user can have only one single notification settings across all the rows of the Excel it has been added to.