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Apr 08, 2022

Customer Journey Automation- More strategic work and less busy work

ImprovementAutomate simple one-step tasks, like sending emails to new customers. Or go big and automate complex multi-step tasks with conditional, daisy-chained workflows.

Birdeye's automation helps you define triggers that send communications to your customers based on different parameters. Send the correct information, to the right people, at the right time without lifting a finger.

Now, you can create intelligent automation to provide tailored experience across different triggers associated with any contact based on what part of the journey they are with your business. 

With this launch, you can set up automation for various scenarios, such as Contact is added

  • Lead is converted into a customer
  • Review is written
  • Survey completed
  • Referral leads generated
  • Payment completed
  • Payment refunded
  • Inbox conversation closed

So what could this look like for your business? Perhaps you just received payment for a product/service and want to send a referral request to this happy customer automatically. Given assessing the customer journey at critical touchpoints for your business is vital, you could automatically trigger a referral request to this satisfied customer once the payment completes.

Birdeye customers can now automate complex tasks and use these triggers to customize email or text communication and send customers the correct information at the right time. To learn more on how to create automation, click here.