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Sep 02, 2023

Elevating Your Local Business Success with BirdAI: The Ultimate Game-Changer!

NewEnhance customer interactions, enrich engagement, and drive better business outcomes. In a world where customer experience defines success, introducing BirdAI - the powerhouse AI and NLP engine driving the Birdeye platform to new heights, adding value to the customer experience at every stage of their journey with you. Ignite your potential with tools designed to captivate, convert, and delight customers while skyrocketing your business outcomes.
Elevating Your Local Business Success with BirdAI: The Ultimate Game-Changer!

Key Differentiators:

  • AI Everywhere: Infuse AI throughout the Birdeye platform, delivering value across the customer journey.
  • Best-in-Breed Variety: Powered by multiple AI models for tailored solutions.
  • Prompt Expertise: Generate prompts by experts for optimal AI utilization.
  • Private & Contextualized:
  • Informed by industry data and company insights.
  • Enriched by customer interaction data, creating authentic personalized interactions.
  • Human-Controlled AI: Edit AI-generated outputs for precision and regenerate as needed.
  • Secure & Scalable: Unparalleled security, compliance, and superior scalability.

Revolutionize Your Business with BirdAI:

Effortless Reviews Management: Seamlessly navigate reviews across diverse locations and countries.

  • AI-Generated Review Responses: Craft personalized and thoughtful replies in seconds.
  • AI-Powered Response Rephrasing: Transform drafts into on-brand, polished responses.
  • Review Summaries: Swiftly understand sentiments from thousands of reviews.
  • Language Support: Speak your customers' language across the globe.

Supercharged Social Presence: Elevate your social game with captivating posts.

  • Auto-Create Posts: Effortlessly generate content for topics, prompts, and holidays
  • Auto-Generate Social Images: No designers needed - create stunning posts instantly
  • Auto-generate hashtags: Increase the reach of your posts
  • Rephrase posts: Turn rough drafts into compelling, engaging content

Amplified SEO Performance: Boost your online visibility.

  • AI-Generated SEO-Friendly Descriptions: Improve SEO with AI-generated business descriptions for listing sites

Swift Customer Interactions: Turbocharge your engagements and conversions.

  • AI-Powered Chatbot (Robin): Intelligent FAQs for seamless conversions anytime *Coming soon*
  • Conversation Summaries: Unravel lengthy discussions with speed and precision
  • Response rephrasing: Make sure your responses are always on point 

Actionable Feedback Insights: Seamlessly understand and act on customer feedback.

  • AI-Generated Feedback Summaries: Swift insights from surveys without the pivot table hassle.

Your Hour Has Arrived: Embrace BirdAI's Power! 

In a world that demands engagement, personalization, and rapid action, BirdAI stands as your ultimate partner. Unlock interactions that resonate, engagements that ignite, and success that soars. Embrace AI's potential today, only with Birdeye. Are you ready to unleash your business's true potential? Try BirdAI's transformative features now!