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Jul 04, 2020

Automate your customer queries using Chatbot FAQs

NewThere are no difficult questions for Robin.

Chatbot Faqs

Using Birdeye, businesses now have the ability to automate their customer queries by uploading frequently asked questions (FAQs) for their business.

Once the business uploads the FAQs, Robin will automatically answer them, no matter how customers ask them. Robin intelligently understands what customers are asking in real-time and provides relevant answers instantly. 

With the new launch, businesses can either choose to upload a single question or multiple questions at once using Birdeye’s bulk import feature. To set up Chatbot FAQs, log in to your Birdeye account and click on the ‘Settings’ tab. On the new page, hover over the ‘Interactions’ drop-down menu and select the ‘FAQs’ option.