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Live chat customers, auto-respond to questions, and capture contact information to follow up over text.

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Webchat Software

Create revenue-driving conversations

Engage on demand

Chat in real-time, conduct virtual consults, and even text leads 1:1 or in bulk after they’ve left your site to keep engagement and conversion high.

Convert leads with ease

Automatically funnel all your webchat leads into a single inbox to follow up and convert over text, social, email, and wherever is most convenient.

Free up your teams

Use AI and auto-response templates to scale your customer support and engagement without adding resources.

Live Chat

Engage website visitors in real time

Don’t wait. Chat with website visitors the moment they reach your site to generate leads, book appointments, conduct virtual consults, and more.

Live Chat
Chat Bot

Use AI to answer FAQs

Give your teams the breathing room they need to focus on more complex work with effortless and efficient customer support powered by our AI chatbot, Robin.

Chat Bot
AI Tools

Write better replies with AI

Send better quality messages with the help of an AI-writing assistant that can generate tailored responses from scratch or rephrase your replies to ensure they're on-brand, empathetic, and consistent.

AI Tools
Smart Inbox

Organize your conversations

Funnel, filter, and organize all web chat conversations into a single inbox based on location, time, or type of conversation.

Smart Inbox
Team Assignments

Collaborate with your team

Assign conversations to a team or individual to ensure the right person is following up.

Team Assignments

Stay on top of new leads

Instant notifications let you immediately route new business to the right teams, while the Birdeye Mobile App ensures you’re always ready to respond.

Response Templates

Save time with templates

Birdeye makes it a breeze to craft response templates for common questions and send templated requests for reviews, referrals, and more.

Response Templates
Rules-Based Auto Replies

Automate chat flows

Set up different welcome messages and auto-replies for when your agents are live, when they are busy, and for off-business hours to keep visitors engaged and informed.

Rules-Based Auto Replies

Get more leads with webforms

Use forms to capture website leads, then route them directly to your Birdeye Inbox for personalized follow up.

Birdeye Webforms
Lead Capture

Engage visitors via text

Don't miss out on an opportunity just because a visitor abandons the chat. With Webchat, every conversation starts with a form that captures a name and phone number so you can follow up via text to keep the conversation going.

Lead Capture
Files & Attachments

Attach files via chat

Resolve customer questions faster by including attachments in your chats including invoices, receipts, screenshots, and more.

Files & Attachments

Track chat performance

Get detailed reporting on chat conversations and filter by location or user to understand what's working and where to improve. You can also integrate with Google Analytics and other platforms to go even deeper.


Birdeye outranks the competition

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Birdeye customers get results

Logo Cs Skinspamed
Scott Hansen

We've doubled our monthly new client appointments, all thanks to Webchat. The ability to reach out to each website visitor and answer questions wherever I am, at any time of day is a total game-changer.

Jason HartlineMarketing Consultant For Skinspamed
Logo Cs Echo Wireless
Sarah Balducci

Birdeye has completely restructured the way we do business. We're more agile in converting our sales leads because of Birdeye webchat, and we're seeing over twice as many internet search inquiries due to our ratings & reviews.

Brandy MillsOperations Manager, Echo Wireless
Logo Cs Sunburst Shutters
Brandon Dowdy-Ernst

Before Birdeye, the only way we could capture website leads was through a form. Now with Webchat, we've received over 1,400 leads. Webchat and business texting have become an essential part of our day-to-day business.

Marisa endy-vanchieriDirector of social marketing, Sunburst Shutters

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Birdeye Webchat?Click to open

Birdeye Webchat is a chat window you can add to your website to engage with visitors to answer questions, book appointments, resolve customer issues, and more.

How can Birdeye Webchat grow my business?Click to open

With Birdeye Webchat, you can chat with website visitors live, which increases conversion rates and reduces the chance that they will navigate away to a competitor’s website. It also helps you increase customer loyalty by making it easy to quickly answer questions and resolve customer issues.

What are Birdeye Webchat’s features and capabilities?Click to open

Birdeye Webchat gives you ability to:

  • Chat with customers live
  • Answer FAQs 24/7 with a chatbot
  • Respond to chats on the go from the mobile app
  • Assign conversations to team members
  • Track agent productivity, average resolution times, and more
  • Capture contact information and automatically text customers after they leave your site

Can I customize Birdeye Webchat?Click to open

You can make Birdeye Webchat your own by customizing your logo, names, photos, colors, custom chat icons, greetings, away messages, and more. Businesses with multiple brands and multiple locations can create a unique Birdeye Webchat window for each one with ease.

Will the Birdeye Webchat slow down my website?Click to open

No. Birdeye Webchat is light and quick to load, so it will not slow down your website. The chat window loads only after your business webpage has loaded or when a visitor clicks on it to ask a question - you choose. This prevents it from ever affecting your website’s speed or performance.

What is the Smart Inbox feature in Birdeye Webchat?Click to open

The Smart Inbox feature lets you create customized inboxes to funnel incoming messages by location and date so you can easily manage and respond to customer interactions appropriately.

How do response templates and rules-based auto-replies work in Birdeye Webchat?Click to open

Birdeye gives you the ability to set up a variety of message and auto-reply templates to ensure that Webchat is aligned with your business hours and you are keeping visitors engaged. You can customize different templates for the following scenarios:

  • An auto-reply to an incoming message during business hours, when your live chat is enabled
  • An auto-reply to an incoming message during business hours, when your live chat is disabled
  • An auto-reply to an incoming message when your agents are offline, but live chat is enabled. This will get sent as a text message.
  • An auto-reply to an incoming message when your live chat is disabled. This will get sent as a text message
  • An auto-closing message when the webchat has timed out, during and outside business hours

Learn more about how templates and auto-replies work here.

What is the Birdeye AI chatbot, Robin, and how does it enhance customer support?Click to open

Robin, Birdeye’s AI Chatbot, can be used to engage with website visitors 24/7. During off-business hours or when your agents are busy, Robin serves as an additional member on your team. She can automatically respond to commonly asked questions and route complex questions to an online agent. This enhances your customer support because no incoming message ever goes unattended.

How does Birdeye Webchat integrate with Birdeye Messaging?Click to open

Messages on Birdeye Webchat funnel into the Birdeye Inbox, together with messages from Google, social, text, email, and other channels, so you can easily manage all your customer communications from one platform. Since we collect customer contact details before every webchat conversation, you can use the Inbox to text leads even after they leave your website, so you don't lose them.


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