Businesses are now realizing that website chat is not just a support channel. It also has the power to grow their business. In fact, 79% of businesses say that offering livechat has had a positive effect on sales, revenue and customer loyalty. In short, people value personal and instant means of interaction and website chat offers just that! See why webchat is important for your business.

In this video discover how Kasey Hogland, Marketing Director at Williamson Foundation Repair uses Birdeye Messaging and Webchat to help her company never miss customer messages and address urgent customer questions and requests even there is no one in the office to attend phone calls. These features have allowed Williamson Foundation Repair to continuously provide the excellent customer service they are known for.

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Why Webchat Matters

Here’s why Webchat is important for your business.

  1. Convenience for website visitors

    Website chat allows website visitors to have a real-time conversation with the business. They don’t need to set aside time to call the business. The option to chat is always there on the website. No wonder 44% of online consumers believe that website chat is an important website feature. 

  2. Increase sales

    Website chat puts customers at ease when they are buying something that they have not seen nor experienced in person. Since they have time to think and evaluate, engaging with the business via chat also assists in minimizing purchasing errors and buyer’s remorse.

    Webchat’s impact on sales is well-documented. Forrester data reveals that site visitors who use website chat are 2.8x more likely to convert than those that don’t.

  3. Faster query resolution

    Website chat is cheaper and easier to manage than conventional means like email or telephone communication. The person managing incoming visitor chat from a website can typically manage multiple chats at one time.

    As such he/she is able to provide answers to chats faster than say it would take to respond to an email. For the visitors, this means that the queries are addressed faster. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  4. Reduce expenses

    On average, chat agents are able to handle three or more chats simultaneously. If you simply look at the resources, you would typically need to allocate to manage incoming phone calls or answer emails. In comparison, the cost would be much higher.

  5. Proactive outreach

    When you use Birdeye’s Webchat, the contact details of the visitor are captured within the database along with the chat transcript. Details like name, email ID and cell phone number allow the business to reach out to the contact on a later day as well.

    Let’s say a visitor chatted in requesting more information on the skin laser treatment offered on your website but did not convert. You can proactively reach out to the contact with a special deal that may excite the contact to become a customer.

  6. Improve customer service and loyalty

    Once you have a website chat system in place to help website visitors become your customers, you can use the same infrastructure to address customer concerns as well. The immediacy and the convenience of the chat will help to provide faster solutions to your customers, provide you with the opportunity to upsell, and in the process enhance customer loyalty.

  7. Competitive advantage

    Today, more and more businesses are recognizing the benefits of having a chat on their website. Clearly, visitors value being able to communicate with employees immediately. And several studies have confirmed that it helps businesses get more sales from their website visitors.

    Having Webchat on your website will help you stand out from your competitors who may have not joined the bandwagon and still believe that people like to connect with them via telephone. Here’s your chance to be the first and get more revenue from your website visitors by implementing Webchat on your website.

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