At Birdeye, we work hard to find new ways to help you manage your customer experience and build your online reputation. This is why we are always searching for new ways to integrate with your existing business software. With our integrations, Birdeye can work seamlessly with the tools you already have in place. 

Birdeye helps you get a continuous flow of new reviews and survey responses easily and efficiently. Businesses can send review requests and surveys automatically, get alerted about new reviews, and use auto-response templates. 

We are happy to announce the launch of three new integrations – The Edge, Housecall Pro, and ChiroTouch. If you use one of these platforms, it’s your lucky day! You can say goodbye to sending out manual review requests and enjoy the ease your new Birdeye integration brings.

The Edge

The Edge is a comprehensive jewelry store management software used for point of sale, customer management, accounting, inventory management, reporting, and more. Integrating Birdeye with The Edge will automate the process of sending out review requests to customers on a daily basis.

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a cloud-based field service management program used by service professionals. It hosts various features including, scheduling, work order management, billing, and much more. Birdeye can seamlessly integrate with your Housecall Pro account and to help you send review requests automatically.


ChiroTouch is an electronic health records (EHR) and practice management software (PMS) used by chiropractors. ChiroTouch offers features such as billing, appointment scheduling, assessment outcomes, and more. Integrating Birdeye with ChiroTouch will automate the process of sending out review requests to patients on a daily basis.

Does My Business System Integrate with Birdeye? 

Besides The Edge, Housecall Pro, and ChiroTouch there are hundreds of integrations that are supported by Birdeye, like QuickBooks Desktop and Zapier. Click here to see our full list of current integrations.