BirdEye Wins Cloud Award for Best SMB Product

We’re proud to announce that BirdEye has won a Cloud Award for Best SMB product, the latest in a long string of recognitions this year.

The Cloud Awards program is one of the longest-standing organizations recognizing cloud-based platforms. Organizations from all over the world are eligible for recognition as a Cloud Award nominee. 

So far in 2019, BirdEye has won a Silver Stevie for “Most Innovative Tech Company” and has been named the #1 company in reputation management by G2Crowd. Click here for a full list of BirdEye awards. 

Why did BirdEye Win the Cloud Award for Best SMB Product?

So what makes BirdEye a top SMB product? Here are three reasons.

  1. BirdEye gives businesses real results. 
  2. BirdEye’s all-in-one platform gives businesses everything they need to stay on top of customer feedback. 
  3. BirdEye’s platform is simple and easy-to-use. 

Real Results 

BirdEye helps businesses get more reviews and drive revenue. We’ve seen that customers that integrate BirdEye with their CRM see an average 8% increase in revenue after 8 months.     

For a list of real customer results, click here

All-in-one Platform 

While BirdEye helps businesses collect more reviews, that’s only the beginning of the story. The BirdEye dashboard gives businesses everything that they need to engage with their customers.

Whether it’s customer surveys, social publishing, live chat, or business listings, BirdEye gives you everything you need to stand out from the competition. There’s no other company on the market that offers all the features that businesses need to stay on top of customer feedback.

Easy to Use 

BirdEye makes sure that every one of our customers is getting what they need out of the platform. The dashboard has been designed for businesses of all sizes, from our enterprise customers like BMW and Blaze Pizza, to the thousands of one-location businesses that we serve. It’s easy for an employee to step in and start collecting and leveraging authentic customer feedback.

Try BirdEye, the #1 Review Software 

More than 50,000 businesses drive growth and get new customers with BirdEye. The award-winning BirdEye dashboard gives businesses of all sizes everything they need to start turning reviews into revenue. 

Click here to see how BirdEye can help you drive revenue. 

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