9 Easy Customer Engagement Strategies That Actually Work

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

7 min read Last Updated Sep 29, 2020

Customer engagement is one of the most important things you can do to attract new customers and keep your existing ones. It’s a great way to build loyalty, increase retention, and even motivate customers to refer family and friends to your business. Let’s talk about how your business can build closer connections with a customer engagement strategy. 

Why is Customer Engagement Important? 

The biggest brands in the world do well because they create emotional connections with customers. Normally, it would be pretty hard to create an emotional connection to a giant insurance company. Companies like Geico do this by having a friendly gecko appear in their commercials. That helps to make the brand seem more approachable to the average customer. 

So why is customer engagement important? Customers who are more engaged with your brand are more likely to visit you again and promote you to family and friends. Engaged customers mean more customers and more revenue. 

You don’t need to have the marketing budget of Geico to start connecting with your customers. There are simple, low-cost strategies that your business can use to build strong relationships. Let’s go over them. 

9 Customer Engagement Strategies 

Here are 9 ways your business can start engaging with customers. 

Ask for Customer Reviews 

Encourage your customers to leave feedback for your business. Asking a customer for a review helps to give you insights on ways that you can improve your business. 

Of course, the process isn’t over when the customer leaves a review. Customers often leave reviews in the hopes that they’ll be seen by the business. That’s why we recommend the next step… 

Monitor Customer Reviews 

Be sure to stay on top of all your customer reviews, no matter where they’re posted. Keep an eye out on both the star rating and the things that customers are mentioning in review text. These reviews help to give valuable insight into what customers think about your business.

Of course, simply monitoring reviews might not help you if you get negative reviews. Luckily, there is a step you can take to deal with bad reviews: responding to them. 

Respond to Customer Reviews 

The best way of dealing with a bad review is by responding. By showing that you care about the customer and are willing to make changes to help fix future experiences, you can convince the customer to edit or delete their original review. 

Responding to customer reviews works for a simple reason. A 2011 study found that comments made people feel less lonely, happier, and healthier. Replying to a customer review, whether it’s positive or negative, is an easy way to show all of your customers that you care and that you’re willing to respond to customer comments. 

Use ‘Surveys’ to understand what your customers want 

Feedback from your customers can help you better understand what they’re looking for and how you can better deliver them value. That’s why it’s important to send survey requests to your customers. 

We recommend sending net promoter score survey requests to your customers. This is a simple survey asking how likely your customer would be to recommend your business to friends and family on a scale of 0-10. Because the survey is so short, it’s easy for them to take it. It’s also easy for you to see how satisfied your customers are with your services. 

If a customer expresses a strong negative opinion through a survey, you can also reach out to them to make things right. A survey provider like Birdeye gives you the option to communicate with your survey respondents. 

Use website chat for answering questions from website visitors 

There’s an easy way to make it easier for website visitors to engage with you: Webchat or website chat.  If you don’t know what Webchat is, it’s the icon you can see on the bottom right of this blog post. Using chat on your website makes it easier for website visitors to engage with your business and get their questions answered faster. 

Studies show that customers prefer website chat to other methods of communication like email and phone calls. 

Send birthday and anniversary wishes

Part of building an emotional connection with your customers is showing that you sincerely care about them. That’s why it’s great to send your customers birthday and anniversary wishes through text or email. 

In order to do this, you need to make sure that you’re collecting your customer’s birthday or anniversary information when they sign up with you or complete their registration. 

Show your brand personality upfront with testimonials 

Customers start forming an impression about your business from the moment they land on your website. Make sure that you don’t seem cold and unapproachable. Customer testimonials can show your prospects the value that you have to provide. 

A review widget makes it easy to display reviews on your website. You don’t have to manually embed every glowing review that you see. Instead, just install a review widget and get a live feed of customer reviews that’s updated constantly. Birdeye’s review widget allows customers to display reviews from over 150+ sites. 

Engage with your Customers on Social 

Since 72% of Americans are on social media, it’s crucial that you use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to engage with your customers.  Post useful information about your business that can help your customers. Let the world know if you have shortened holiday hours or promotions. Share testimonials from satisfied customers to highlight the quality of your services. 

Of course, some businesses make the mistake of only relying on social, which can be dangerous. After all, Facebook organic posts won’t reach many of your followers because of the way that the Facebook algorithm works. The platform prioritizes posts from friends and family members more than those from businesses. While it’s still important to stay active on social media, there’s a way you can reach your customers without having to rely on any sort of algorithm… 

Send Customer Newsletters 

Try to send engaging customer newsletters that share news about your business and show your brand’s unique personality. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, your email list is owned by you and you alone. You don’t have to worry about not reaching your customers because of an algorithm update. Sending a newsletter can help keep your customers in-the-loop about discounts, deals, and offers. 

You should also consider sending information about discounts and promotions via text. While you obviously can’t send a long-form newsletter via text message, texts have significantly higher open rates than email. 

Start Your Customer Engagement Strategy with Birdeye 

Maybe you don’t have time to implement all of the strategies we outlined above. You’ve probably got a lot on your plate already. A platform like Birdeye can take care of many of these processes automatically. 

Get Customer Feedback 

Birdeye allows you to send surveys and review requests automatically. There’s no need to manually go through all of your contacts individually. Birdeye takes care of the process with a simple integration while you run your business. 

Monitor and Respond to Reviews 

With Birdeye, you can stay on top of your reviews from all over the Internet with very little effort. You can monitor and respond to reviews from over 150 sites from the Birdeye dashboard. 

Share Your Reviews 

Birdeye allows you to automatically share your reviews on social and display your reviews on your website. All you have to do is copy and paste a simple line of code onto your website. That makes it easy for you to share the opinions of your delighted customers with your followers and your website visitors.

For more on how you can leverage tools like reviews and surveys to engage customers and grow revenue, check out our eBook. It contains a few tips and tricks you can’t find anywhere else.