Useful Facebook Engagement Tips for Doctors

Frederik Hermann

4 min read Last Updated Feb 12, 2020

Facebook is a promising social media marketing platform for healthcare providers. Like on other social media sites, customer engagement on Facebook can translate into more revenue for your practice. Here are 5 useful Facebook engagement tips that can help you build an impactful online reputation and market your healthcare practice on Facebook.

Identify your target audience

The first step is to be sure about the kind of patients you are trying to attract. Build a persona of your ideal patient. The patient persona information must include the following points:

  • Demographic information (gender, age, location, income, and health insurance coverage)
  • Health targets (weight loss, cosmetic corrections, dental issues, bone pains, etc.)
  • Personality traits (eating habits, interests, hobbies, daily routine, etc.)

Creating the persona of the patients you are looking for will help you target paid campaigns precisely and post content that is interesting for your audience. This is perhaps the most important Facebook engagement tip.

Create impactful content

create engaging content

Before you set Facebook ads for your healthcare practice, it is always a good idea to have an active Facebook page. An engaging Facebook page typically consists of the following:

Videos and Photos

Images perform better than textual content on Facebook. Research shows that posts with pictures get 53% more likes and 84% more link clicks as compared to posts with only text and links. ‘Facebook Live’ videos are a great way to interact with your fans on Facebook as well.

Questions and Quotes

Questions come in handy when engaging with existing, as well as prospective patients. They also create a platform for discussion. Quotes and quick thoughts are also useful for quick spikes in Facebook engagement.

Links to Your Blog

You can post links to your blogs on topics like healthcare tips, effective exercises, etc. or informative articles on medical procedures.  Keep in mind that the topics should be engaging and informative for your Facebook fans.

Patient Reviews

Share the positive reviews from your existing patients on your Facebook page and let prospective patients know what they can expect if they choose you as their doctor.

Time your posts perfectly

Research shows that the best days to post anything on your Facebook page are Thursday and Friday. Engagement rates drop down to 3.5% below the average between Monday and Wednesday. Also, 1 PM – 3 PM is the best time to post content for sharing and getting more clicks. However, your unique audience might be different so make sure you test different times and days and measure where you are seeing the most engagement.

Grow your fans

Get more likes and shares

Once you have a good number of active posts on your Facebook page, start inviting friends, colleagues, family and other people in your network to “like” your healthcare practice’s Facebook page. You can also use Facebook’s “Promote Your Page” feature to get more fans. More fans mean more chances of getting new patients. Also, consider adding a Facebook link onto your website and your email signature.

Use Facebook ads to your advantage

If you already have engaging content on your Facebook page or website, Facebook ad campaigns can help you build your audience and get more patients within a small budget using targeted ads. Before you create the Facebook ad, establish a clear goal. Do you want more website visits, clinic visits, or Facebook page likes? Having a clear goal in mind can help you make sure your ad’s “call to action” is cohesive with your desired results.

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