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How Complete Care increased patient acquisition by boosting reviews by 3653% with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Founded in 2009, Complete Care has grown into one of the most recognized and trusted medical care facilities in the industry. Even after expanding their services and opening new facilities in multiple states, they’ve never lost sight of the core philosophy that they were founded to provide the highest possible level of care to their patients.

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Complete Care is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care, and cannot do this without insights from patient feedback. Although patients had usually been very happy with their visits, very few were leaving reviews online. This not only made it difficult for Complete Care to know what needed improvement, it also made it hard for prospective patients to find Complete Care in search results. It was critical that Complete Care find a way to collect more patient reviews and have insight into patient experiences.

Automating the review process

When Complete Care first found Birdeye, they had been manually attempting to collect patient reviews. Despite having mostly happy patients and spending a lot of staff time and effort to collect their reviews manually, most locations still had less than 30 reviews and an average star rating of 4.1. That’s when they turned to Birdeye to automate and streamline the process of review collection for all locations in one central dashboard.

Complete Care immediately started seeing results with Birdeye. They now have more than 29,650 reviews, and a 4.8 average star rating across every location. They’re able to confidently use their patient feedback in all their other marketing efforts to build trust with potential patients.

Since working with Birdeye, Complete Care has seen the following key improvements:

  • 3,653% increase in number of reviews per location.
  • 17% increase in star rating (average of 4.2 to 4.8 per location).
  • 50% open rate on review requests.
  • 29,650 reviews generated across all sites
  • Locations that show up on 1st page of Google.
  • Decreases in Cost per lead and cost per click. 
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"We tried a lot of avenues before we signed up with Birdeye. We had signs in our patients’ rooms with a QR code to make it easy. Our nurses and physicians would ask at discharge for a review, and we’d follow-up for a review on the follow-up calls. We were making no headway in over 2 years of trying. With Birdeye, the review process is automated, has generated over 29,000 reviews, alerts us in real time, and only takes a total of 15 minutes daily to respond --saving us a ton of time so we can focus on the patients."
Kelly Palms
Kelly PalmsDirector Of Business Development at Complete Emergency Care

One place for feedback

Birdeye enables Complete Care to monitor all of their reviews from each review site in one place, and respond to those reviews directly from the Birdeye dashboard. They’ve been able to truly listen to the voice of the patient. The Complete Care team now responds to both positive and negative reviews. The process has been streamlined so much that even during the peak of Covid, the team was able to respond to all reviews in 15-20 minutes.  

While they occasionally get negative feedback, they look at it as an avenue to make things right for the patient and improve internally. The first thing they do is reach out to the patient and determine if any internal process could be improved. Complete Care also responds to any negative feedback with an online review response. These responses let any prospective patients know they’ve reached out to take care of the patient's concern.  

These review responses not only help their search rankings but also let future patients know they truly care about the patient experiences. Getting new reviews has also helped their paid campaigns, SEO, and organic growth. Not only are the locations showing up at the top of search results, but they have also seen a decrease in cost per lead and click in their paid campaigns.  

"When we partnered with Birdeye, the results were evident. Before, our organic growth was struggling. We had to spend quite a bit of money in PPC campaigns. We were still not showing up in the top 10 and sometimes not on the first page. We would open new facilities and it was taking a very long time to gain traction. After partnering with Birdeye, we saw a 3653% increase in the number of reviews, with higher star ratings. Patients started telling us they chose us because of our great online reputation. We also started to see organic growth, which was more valuable than spending more money on PPC. Cost per lead and cost per click also went down once we started using Birdeye."
Kelly Palms
Kelly PalmsDirector Of Business Development at Complete Emergency Care

Actionable insights from patient reviews

Birdeye enables Complete Care to identify which specific issues are most important to their patients, providing them with the ability to gain a holistic view of patient sentiment around their brand and each individual location. The team is able to easily identify where improvements are needed—all the way to the individual provider or location level.

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"Birdeye has really allowed us to get a good sense of where the pulse is,” said Palms. “We can do quality control and see where we’re thriving and where maybe we’ve fallen short."
Kelly Palms
Kelly PalmsDirector Of Business Development at Complete Emergency Care

Cultivating a patient-centric culture

Since implementing Birdeye, Complete Care has been able to strengthen their patient-centric culture. They reward employees for any great feedback received, and use the incoming reviews as a motivator. Patient feedback and reviews are now an integral part of their culture at all levels of the company. From the CEO to medical director to accounting, everyone knows about their happy patients leaving feedback. 

They’ve also made it fun! Each time a patient mentions a staff member by name, that staff member gets their name in a monthly drawing. At the end of month, the company holds raffles to give away prizes. They also recognize the employees in the company newsletter and post the positive reviews in the individual breakroom.

"Birdeye gives us a true benchmark of what the patient is really thinking and helps employees consistently provide a better brand experience."
Kelly Palms
Kelly PalmsDirector Of Business Development at Complete Emergency Care

Mass texting to easily communicate

Complete Care strives to keep an open line of communication with their patients. They know their patients want to stay informed, and that text is the easiest way to reach patients. That’s why Complete Care started using Birdeye’s Mass Texting to communicate with their patients. At first, they were intimidated by mass texting, yet Birdeye helped them through and showed them best practices. They found it easy to create campaigns and send out messages to segmented audiences at the right time.  

Complete Care now uses Mass Texting to communicate when there is a new service offered, such as when they started receiving rapid Covid tests at their locations. They were able to instantly inform their patients of updates during Covid. They now use Mass Texting for promotions, patient education, and also community relations. The patients have really liked receiving these messages and the practices often receive text responses back, to which they are easily able to reply through the Birdeye dashboard.

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"I was intimidated by mass texting. Birdeye held my hand and walked me through best practices. It’s so easy to create any message at any time. It’s easy to create a campaign, select a time frame, and the selection of people. We immediately see people open and respond to the message! We have great responses and the patients appreciate the information and updates!"
Kelly Palms
Kelly PalmsDirector Of Business Development at Complete Emergency Care

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