G2Crowd Recognizes BirdEye Among the Best Software Companies

We’re excited to announce that G2 Crowd has honored BirdEye as one of the Best Software Companies in 2019.

G2 Crowd—
the leading marketplace for B2B softwaredetermines rankings from the world’s largest collection of business user reviews and is considered the definitive ranking of best software companies globally. BirdEye ranks #60 among companies such as Google, Adobe, Slack, Microsoft, Hubspot, and Salesforce.
If that wasn’t exciting news on its own, BirdEye also got two additional awards from G2Crowd: Top 50 Products for Small Business 2019 (Ranked #25) and Best Products for Marketers 2019 (Ranked #16).

BirdEye is the all-in-one customer experience platform that reimagines the way customer feedback is used to acquire and retain connected customers by closing the loop between customer experience and online reputation management. BirdEye offers a suite of products including reviews, social, surveys, listings, webchat, ticketing, insights, and competitive benchmarking.

Over 40,000+ businesses trust BirdEye to give them visibility and control over their customer feedback from all channels and use this feedback to better understand their customers, improve their operations, and influence purchase decisions. With the BirdEye platform, it’s easy to get more feedback, more insights, and more loyal customers.

“We are excited to be recognized by G2 Crowd”, said Naveen Gupta, CEO of BirdEye. “We’re obsessed with our customers — we put their happiness at the center of every decision, and we have a relentless focus on product innovation. Being recognized by G2Crowd alongside other prestigious companies proves that the hard work of our employees is paying off.”

BirdEye converts all feedback into actionable insights so businesses can engage in every step of the customer journey, establish a positive online presence, and benchmark performance across locations and against competitors.

“At BirdEye, we strive to create software that amplifies the voice of customers. When businesses make their customers happy, their customers do their marketing for them. Happy customers are the most powerful and untapped source of revenue. What an honor it is to make not one, but three best lists that amplify our company’s vision”, said André Pimentel, Vice President, Customer Success, BirdEye.


How does G2 Crowd decide who makes the list?


  • Winners were determined based on over 270,000 reviews left at G2Crowd.com between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2018.
  • All scores reflect variations of G2 Crowd’s Satisfaction and Market Presence algorithms that calculate customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real time
  • And so much more

“This is no subjective list by a few people giving their opinions,” said Godard Abel, Chief Executive Officer at G2 Crowd. “With the highest traffic and engagement, largest selection of products and services, and highest quality data, G2 Crowd is able to harness more than 4 million data points to determine which products and companies are doing the best job of helping businesses reach their potential.”


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