7 patient communication tips for healthcare practices during COVID-19

Satya Kandala

3 min read Last Updated May 26, 2021

Healthcare is on everyone’s mind right now. While most things are avoidable, a visit to the doctor or healthcare provider may still be needed. With hospitals and healthcare staff busier than ever, keeping patients informed is extremely important and necessary. This means that healthcare practices communicating during COVID-19 need to use industry best practices and strategies for top results.

In this blog post, we talk about seven effective patient communication tips. We also have examples of how healthcare and wellness experts are using Birdeye’s platform to provide an exceptional patient experience even during the pandemic. Let’s get into it.

Use Text messages to reschedule appointments

Text messaging is an easy way to connect with patients to remind, confirm or reschedule appointments. Healthcare practices communicating during COVID-19 are using text messages to keep patients updated on wait times in real-time, which also helps everyone practice social distancing. Here is how one of our fertility center clients is using text messages for appointments:

“Birdeye allows us to make timely connections with old and new patients.”

—  NewLife Fertility Centre

Use Inbox to monitor all communication

With Birdeye Inbox, all your incoming and outgoing communication can be viewed in one place. This includes Webchat, text messages and Facebook messenger as well. You will no longer miss any patient communication because everything is right here in one unified Inbox

Use Webchat to communicate with new patients

Using Webchat, you can turn your website visitors into leads. When a website visitor has a question, he or she can leave a message and their phone number via Webchat. When available, your staff can respond with the necessary information, which goes to them as a text message. Here is how one of our plastic surgery clients is using text messages to provide information to patients:

Update your listings to communicate changes

Chances are that your medical practice’s working hours and contact information have temporarily changed. Healthcare practices communicating during COVID-19 can keep patients informed of these changes by fixing their listings. With Birdeye, you can update your business hours or modify your business description to reflect the changes you have made during this crisis. This information will be updated across 50+ sites across the internet. 

Make your landline textable

Everyone has their doctor’s office landline stored on their phone. By making your landline textable, you are giving your patients a credible route to reach you. Text messages are an effective channel for healthcare practices communicating during COVID-19. Here is how a wellness center is providing information to patients by texting from their landline:

Send announcements to keep patients informed

Healthcare and wellness experts are using Birdeye to send out announcement emails to their patients. This helps patients stay informed of the continued changes related to COVID-19. These emails also help create transparency and loyalty, which results in good patient experience. Here is an example:

Send surveys to monitor patient health

Healthcare practices can also send surveys a day before or day of the appointment to verify if the patients are experiencing flu-like or COVID-related symptoms. This way the safety of your staff is also ensured. 

How can Birdeye help healthcare practices communicating during COVID-19

In these uncertain times, it is imperative for healthcare and wellness experts to stay in communication with their patients. In addition to being helpful and demonstrating strong medical ethics, this also helps patients stay calm. To help healthcare practices communicating during COVID-19, Birdeye offers several communication toolsBusiness Listings, Webchat, Inbox, landline texting, and announcements.