How Webchat Can Get More Deals for Your Website

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

5 min read Last Updated Jan 6, 2021

Believe it or not, Webchat is an easy way to get deals for your website.

Let’s say you need to get your house painted and need to contact a local contractor for the job. How do you do it? Traditional means of contacting are phone and email. In today’s world of instant gratification, a prospect will not want to wait for an email response. While a phone call may be quicker, the chances of not getting the business on the line are high. Besides, you will need to stop what you are doing and make that phone call. If you have chat installed on your website, it will help your site visitors to reach you easily, without interrupting what they may be doing.

Let’s talk about what it is that that makes website chat (or Webchat) a great lead generation tool for your business.

Do Customers Really Use Webchat?

The answer is yes. I’m sure some of you read our introduction and still don’t believe that webchat really works- but studies show it’s the channel customers prefer. 46% of customers prefer to chat, compared to just 29% for email. If a customer has a quick question about something like your prices, chances are that they don’t want to type out an entire email or drop everything they’re doing and make a phone call.

Do People Really Want to Chat with Small Businesses?

For a long time, website chat was something that customers only expected from big companies. Only large enterprises had the ability to dedicate teams to chat with customers. But those days are over.

The modern customer is used to ease and convenience. Whether it’s ordering an item with 1-click on Amazon or calling an Uber from their smartphone, the average person has been trained to expect things to be quick, no matter where they go online. Many people might not be willing to take the effort to fill out a lengthy form or make a phone call. But those same people might be perfectly happy to send a chat to your business. That’s because chat is simple and low-effort.

Does Answering Webchats Require a Ton of Effort on My Part?

Let’s face it: you got tons to worry about already. Chances are that adding another communication channel might sound like more trouble than it’s worth.

Here at Birdeye, we’ve designed Webchat to be easy for business owners to use. You don’t need a big team. Customers will send you chats and you have the option to respond from your cellphone when you’re able. It’s not the same amount of effort as a phone call or even an email — all you have to do is send a quick text.

Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about how Rick Patterson from Pretty Handy Guys Handyman Services started getting more customers through Birdeye Webchat.

How Rick Patterson Started Getting More Deals with Webchat

Rick Patterson is the owner of Pretty Handy Guys Handyman Services, a one-location home services business located in Atlanta. When Rick Patterson got started with Birdeye, he implemented Webchat in a quick, easy process with a Birdeye customer support rep.

Almost immediately, the results started pouring in. Potential customers with quick questions started reaching out to Rick through Webchat.

In the first month, Rick saw 12 new customers come in through Webchat. It didn’t matter if they contacted him in the middle of a job— he could respond through his smartphone, at his own convenience. It was a great way to bring in new business, with minimal effort on his part.

Get Started with Webchat

If you want to set up a Webchat widget, here’s how you can get started getting more deals for your website.

Are You an Existing Birdeye Customer with Webchat?

If you’re already using Birdeye, you know that we’re strong believers in keeping things simple. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to set up Webchat on your website.

  • Go to the “Settings” tab in the Birdeye dashboard. From there, click on the tab that says “Setup Webchat”.
  • After that, click on the code that says “Webchat code”.
  • Next, follow these steps to embed Webchat on your business website.

After that, follow these steps to embed Webchat on your website.

  • Log in to your website editor and edit your site’s HTML code
  • Look for the body tags ( and ) in your HTML code
  • Paste the copied code between the body tags (either right after the tag or right before the tag)
  • ‘Save and Publish’ your changes
  • Refresh your website. You should see the Webchat tag on your website. Once the widget is clicked, the visitor will be asked to complete a web form to start a conversation with you.

If you don’t know anything about coding (like me) and you’re afraid of breaking your website (also like me), don’t worry. Your Birdeye customer support representative can help you get Webchat set up.

Are you a multi-location business with multiple websites? Don’t worry- Birdeye can help you. You’ll be able to set up a different Webchat for each one of your different websites. That way, it’s easy for potential customers to contact the right location. Again, your Birdeye support rep can help you get started with getting more deals from all your websites.

Not a Birdeye Customer and Want to Get More Deals For Your Website?

Want to get started with Birdeye Webchat? You can use the Webchat icon on the bottom right side of your screen.