Instagram is among the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. It’s an excellent medium for branding and visibility. From sharing curated images to videos, it offers followers a visual treat. Realtors can use Instagram for creating a social presence, brand awareness, and drive engagement. 

Top Instagram marketing tips for Realtors:

  • Use the Hyperlapse feature efficiently
  • Use photo maps
  • Do the video tours of the property
  • Share posts on Twitter and Facebook

Let’s discuss top Instagram marketing tips in detail:

1. Use the Hyperlapse feature efficiently

This feature allows the user to develop fast time-lapse videos that speed up what is recorded. There are numerous innovative ways to use this feature. The best way Realtors can use this feature is by displaying the development of the listing. When you are selling a property in a particular community, you can show a multitude of things related to the community in the video such as:

  • Parks
  • Beaches
  • Restaurants
  • Shops

It’s an interesting tool and offers good results when used efficiently.

Follow certain do’s and don’ts when using this feature:

  • Always experiment with speed and length
  • Don’t make any sudden moments
  • Do take care of the lighting
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2. Use photo maps

On Instagram, there is an option to share pictures on a photo map before posting. To know where a particular picture was taken, you can use the geotag feature and place the thumbnail of the photo on Google Maps. If you want to show yourself as an expert for a neighborhood, you should use the Instagram photo map. It will assist in displaying:

  •         Listings which you have traded
  •         Restaurants visited
  •         Local or charity events that you have been involved in

There are plenty of third-party widgets that can take your Instagram strategy to the next level. Among them, the most popular one isSnapWidget. Taking the application programming interface of Instagram helps in displaying your photo map on your real estate website.

3. Do the video tours of the property

The attention span of an audience on the internet is considerably low. A person will only watch a property video for a maximum of five minutes if he is interested in buying it. Instagram helps users to record and share 60-second videos. To do it, press and hold the record button and then lift your finger to stop it.

In a 60-second video, you should capture a video tour of the property. Try to capture three to five seconds of each room. Don’t worry, if you feel it’s going too fast because users can rewatch it. This will make clients interested in a particular property that they are eyeing If you have a previously recorded video on your phone, it could also be added to your Instagram profile.

You can also use one of the popular tools such as Flipagram, which helps you in creating a video from pictures that you may have previously shot. Moreover, you can even add music to your new video to make it look better. You can share these pictures and videos on your social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter too. Video tours of the property are one of the popular Instagram’s marketing strategies.

4. Share posts on Twitter and Facebook

On Instagram, you can automatically share your real estate posts on Twitter and Facebook. You can do this by tweaking your account settings. You can even adjust the settings so that only your selected Instagram posts make it to Facebook and Twitter. By sharing your posts on Facebook and Twitter will help you to reach a wider audience which in turn enhance the visibility of your brand.

No doubt, these Instagram marketing tips are very helpful, but the key to achieving success on Instagram is to keep things simple. By doing this, you can expect good engagement from your audience and can built long-term social relationships. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that lets you respond to social comments and reviews from one place, try out Birdeye and use its social engagement tool.

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