Marketing is a profession that constantly challenges you and  motivates you to level up every single day. Being a marketer today is one of the most exciting and demanding professions anybody can choose. Marketers in the digital age have to be highly flexible and adapt quickly to an ever-changing landscape. 

If you love the world of marketing and want to stand out in this demanding field, this article is for you. Take a look at the top 19 marketing skills you need to be successful.

Top 19 essential marketing skills

1. Strategic thinking 

A successful marketer needs to be able to plan and strategize in their everyday work life. 

Learning how to build marketing campaigns begins with a strategy. Your strategies take your organization to where you want it to be. When you have the strategic ability to approach any given brief with a new angle and create a plan to make that happen, the results are usually unmatched. And that is why this is an important marketing skill for everyone.

2. Creative writing 

Content is a huge part of any successful marketing campaign. Good writing skills help create compelling copy and content.

Getting eyes on your content is half the battle. The other half also means keeping them engaged and coming back for more. Search engines value time on page metrics and good writing will keep your audience on your site for long. A marketer with a creative writing skill can always make sure that the messaging is engaging.

3. Analytics 

Marketers must have an understanding of analytics to analyze data and make decisions based on results. Every major marketing channel today gives detailed analytics and knowing how to leverage them is definitely a big requirement for any marketer. 

Knowledge in analytics helps improve your customer’s experience, increase your marketing ROI and inform your future marketing endeavors.

4. Communication 

Communication is the lifeblood of your organization. Clear communication carries ideas, bolsters motivation, and nurtures trust. Your communication skills keep your team motivated and on track.

Strong communication skills are necessary to effectively collaborate with colleagues and clients. It also helps in designing project briefs, giving feedback, and sharing brand’s messaging with the audience. 

5. Organization 

Marketers must be organized to keep track of deadlines, everyday tasks, and major projects.

Good marketing comes with a lot of moving parts. You need to be organized to put them all together and deliver results consistently. Content calendars, project timelines, and social media activity are just a few items marketers need to know how to organize.

6. Collaboration

Working well with a team is critical for success in marketing roles.

At its heart, being good at marketing requires collaboration. Irrespective of the size of your organization your role will involve working with cross-functional teams, for strategy, content creation and more. Knowing how to collaborate well makes your marketing team more effective than your competitors.

7. Leadership 

Having strong leadership skills enables marketers to lead teams and projects effectively.

Digital marketing teams run several campaigns simultaneously. Different marketing teams must work in tandem to get results. Those efforts require leadership skills to make quick decisions, inspire teams, and lead projects to completion.

8. Problem-solving 

Recognizing potential problems before they arise and developing solutions quickly requires practical problem-solving skills. Too many moving parts also mean high probability of issues. 

Marketers must be ready to handle problems in design, content creation, vendor management, public sentiment, social media, and more to run successful campaigns.

9. Networking 

Building relationships with industry professionals is vital for success as a marketer.

Networking helps you learn about digital marketing trends long before they become popular. Effective networking for a marketer is akin to putting your ear to the ground. Building relationships with professionals in the industry will help you understand what the next big thing is. 

10. Brand awareness 

Understanding your target audience’s wants and needs can help build brand awareness through successful campaigns. Marketers must know how to make the customer connect with the brand and how to turn a business into a household name. 

Brand awareness in marketing aligns your company’s image with the emotional link that fulfills the customers’ wants and needs. And marketers must know how to sell an emotion, not a product, as it is the essence of branding.

11. Storytelling 

Storytelling is a unique, human-defining characteristic. Crafting stories that capture attention and spread messages quickly is an essential marketer skill. 

Marketers need to be able to connect with customers through great storytelling. Today’s audiences, inundated with thousands of ads and messages, will only stop scrolling to take in a great story.

12. Multimedia production 

Knowing how to use design tools such as Photoshop or video editing programs can help create compelling visuals for campaigns.

Just as body language and facial expressions give context to spoken conversations, visuals in content marketing help get your message across. This is because our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. In-demand marketing skills today include knowledge of video editing software, design tools, and production know-how. 

13. Digital marketing

Knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends helps keep campaigns fresh and engaging.

The internet has segmented your audience across different marketing channels, with each medium requiring a specialized approach. Marketers must know how to spot emerging trends, including what an influencer lookalike audience is or how generative AI impacts their company’s reputation management efforts. 

Keeping campaigns fresh is an ongoing challenge for marketers and a marketing skill worth polishing.

14. Copywriting 

Crafting persuasive copy is essential for creating effective messaging strategies for marketing initiatives.

Engaging writing and great storytelling do wonders for your brand. Specifically copywriting — the subtle art of driving action with fewer words — plays a significant role in growing your business. Today’s marketers know how to write with compelling customer results.

Copywriting uses subtle, proven techniques to increase conversion. These are time-old techniques based partly on the psychology of selling and consumer behavior. Marketers must know how to communicate a product’s features and connect emotionally with the customer.

15. Social media management 

Understanding how different social media platforms work can help create engaging content that reaches large audiences quickly.

The list of social media platforms just keeps growing, as do the ways marketers use them to get their message out there. Social media campaigns spark interactions with customers and generate leads. Effectively managing social media will help you engage with customers in real-time and run successful campaigns.

16. Public relations 

Developing press releases or conducting interviews can help get positive publicity for companies or products.

In many ways, marketing is about controlling the narrative regarding your company’s message. Well-timed press releases and publicity events can generate buzz for new offerings and position your company on the favorable side of significant news events.

17. Customer service 

Addressing customer complaints on marketing channels such as Google, social media, and forums requires proficiency in customer service interactions.

One bad review can dismantle months of marketing gains. Managing customer complaints with finesse, authenticity, and a willingness to acknowledge shortcomings will prevent unhappy customers from engaging in a campaign against your online reputation.  

Marketers must manage and monitor customer interactions across review and social media sites. Many customers will go to social media to voice complaints about a company. Marketers must search out mentions of their company and respond to negative feedback. 

18. Project management 

Staying on top of all your projects at once requires strong project management abilities to complete all tasks on time.

The best marketing departments will have several campaigns and projects running simultaneously. Marketers need excellent project management skills to keep everyone on track and push projects to completion.

19. Researching 

Staying up-to-date on the latest trends helps shape effective strategies for campaigns or initiatives.

The World Wide Web is growing by 3,000% each year. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving kaleidoscope of trends, best practices, and segments. The best marketers will keep abreast of digital marketing strategies.

In addition to trends, marketers must research customer behavior, demographics, and competition.

Gaining key marketing skills

Independent research

You can learn to be a marketing firebrand if you have an internet connection and determination. YouTube videos, industry ezines, and podcasts all offer information about marketing skills.

Professional certificates

Unlimited access to information means you can be self-taught in just about anything. But it doesn’t mean others will have confidence in your abilities. Certifications are a great, truncated way to learn from the experts without committing to a multi-year degree.

College degrees

Of course, nothing beats a college degree for the most complete education. You can maximize your knowledge and earning potential by earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Frequently asked questions about marketing skills

What are the four marketing skills?

Marketers must be skilled in increasing brand awareness, establishing trust through thought leadership, generating leads, and upselling current customers.

How do you put marketing skills on a resume?

Showcase your resume in a way that it answers, “What are the marketing skills this candidate has?” And develop your resume through your experience, certifications, and degrees.

How do you learn marketing skills online?

Learn good marketing skills online through social media groups, marketing industry magazines, and studying the marketing strategies of top companies.

Use your marketing skills to create winning campaigns 

You don’t need to be a digital contortionist to fulfill the many roles of today’s marketers. But you do need to master a wide variety of skills to market your business successfully. Marketers who develop a variety of campaigns can gain a lot by learning new skills to improve productivity and efficiency. 

Boost the success of your campaigns by mastering these skills today!

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