The most important purchase a person can do in his life is buying a home of his own. You will probably need the help of a mortgage lender to complete the purchase of the property. Hence, it’s very essential to connect with top mortgage lenders in the arena. To choose the mortgage lender, it is essential to check the mortgage lender reviews.

Firstly, let’s understand, who is a mortgage lender?

A lender can be a person or an institution that loans a certain amount of money directly or through a third party to fund your loan. They give the money on the condition that it needs to be repaid with interest within time. Various institutions offer mortgage loans, and they act as lenders. These can be anyone from the likes of online lenders, banks and mortgage brokers. Every lender has different terms and conditions for the loan. 

For searching top mortgage lenders online, the first thing a home buyer will look for is online reviews and ratings. Reviews for mortgage lenders are scattered across various websites.

The best sites that provide reviews for mortgage lenders:

  • Zillow
  • ConsumerAffairs
  • Credit Karma
  • LendingTree


Zillow is the most popular website for those who are looking to buy and sell a property. Furthermore, it also serves as an excellent platform to search for top mortgage lenders in the business. For buying a home, services of a right mortgage lender is required. Whether you are an individual mortgage lender or working for an organization, therefore good reviews and ratings about your service can make you stand out from the crowd. Positive mortgage lender reviews help lenders in building trust among potential borrowers.

By reading customer reviews/complaints, mortgage lenders can work upon their services for the good.  In Zillow, you can filter the mortgage lenders based on distance and customer ratings. A mortgage lender profile showcases star rating, the total count of reviews, recent reviews and verified ones too. Along with mortgage lender reviews, Zillow has a separate tab for Mortgage Rates and Mortgage Calculator.

For mortgage lenders, Zillow offers two mortgage advertising platforms – Long Form and Custom Quotes.

  • Long Form

    In the long form, mortgage lenders receive the contacts based on data such as location and customer reviews.  

  • Custom Quotes

    In custom quotes, consumers-direct call centers display mortgage rates directly to the consumers who are shopping for purchase and refinance rates.

Mortgage lenders who want clients to review them, should go to the review page in Lender Hub, where they will find a direct link that will allow their clients to review them. Mortgage lenders can share this link with their clients on email and ask them for a review.

Important statistics:

  • Percentage of US homes that have been viewed on Zillow is 80%
  • Number of homes on Zillow updated by users is 67 million
  • Amount of real estate professionals listed on Zillow is 2 million
  • Total number of US homes in Zillow’s database is 110 million homes


ConsumerAffairs is a consumer news and resource center. It offers consumers and brands a common platform for reviews. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a real estate investor, you will need the help of a mortgage lender company to complete a property purchase.

For the real estate industry, ConsumerAffairs becomes all more important as they also offer mortgage lender reviews. Since it is essential for companies to respond to customers’ reviews and complaints, ConsumerAffairs offer ConsumerAffairs for brands feature. Using this feature, as an owner of a mortgage lender company, you can respond to customer complaints. It’s very simple to understand that high star ratings and positive reviews will make customers trust you more. As a mortgage lender or as a consumer if you have some doubts in your mind, visit ConsumerAffairs for answers.


Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a personal finance company that assists customers in knowing their credit scores.  It also offers reports and insights. Credit Karma also provides services like free tax software that helps in filing federal and state returns. It is an excellent resource for those who are looking for mortgage lender reviews.

To check out the reviews and ratings of mortgage lenders, users refer to Credit Karma generously. Reviews give mortgage lenders a fair idea about their reputation in the market and help in determining what steps should be taken to get 5-star ratings & reviews. Furthermore, Credit Karma asks its customers to rate their application process and customer service separately while they are writing a review. To assist customers, Credit Karma offers interest rate cards from the top lenders.


LendingTree is the online loan marketplace equipped with the most extensive network of lenders. It is a one-stop-shop that connects consumers with top mortgage lenders for a number of financial borrowing needs. Customers can easily compare and choose the best loan rates, fees, and terms that suit them after checking reviews and ratings.

LendingTree offers the facility to close mortgage loans in 30 days. LendingTree lets reviewers rate mortgage lenders based on four factors such as interest rates, fees & closing costs, customer service and responsiveness.


If you have a positive reputation online, customers are going to trust you more. To get more mortgage lender reviews from clients, just ask for the review. Your customers know the importance of reviews, and if you are providing them excellent service, they won’t mind if you ask them for the review. Also, don’t make the mistake of writing a review yourself.

With the majority of review systems use canned language, give a personal touch in the review request language by writing a personal message instead. Top mortgage lenders can easily get reviews from clients by using  Birdeye software. It simplifies the process of getting reviews without any hassles. With Birdeye, you can seamlessly manage the online reputation of your business.