6 Ways dentists can use online reviews to get more patients

Patients rarely choose a dentist without checking their online reviews and ratings. It’s essential for you to offer quality dental services and encourage your patients to share their experience on review websites like Facebook and Google.

Positive reviews help improve your online reputation and build credibility. Here’re six ways you can use online reviews to get new patients:

Share good reviews.

Get new patients with online reviews - share positive reviews

Some of your patients may share their experience on websites like Facebook and Google. Others might choose a different channel. You should share these positive reviews on social media so that more people can read them and acknowledge your reputation.

As reviews are a form of user-generated content, and an important SEO ranking signal, you can even add them to your website to improve its searchability.

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Handle bad reviews to minimize the impact.

Negative reviews don’t put an end to your chances of getting new patients. Instead, by acting proactively, you can convert a negative review into a business opportunity. Respond to all negative reviews and try to address the patient’s concern. Act on the patient’s suggestions and assure them that patient satisfaction is a priority for you and their experience would be better the next time they visit you.

Your patient may be willing to update or delete their negative review if you’ve handled the issue well enough. If that happens, share the review on social media to spread the word about how much you value the patient experience.

Act on feedback.

Patients who care about your practice share feedback. Even if they criticize you, they do hope that you’ll listen to them and improve. Act on your patients’ feedback and let them know that you sincerely appreciate it. Dig deep into the feedback and pinpoint the area of concern. You may directly connect with your patient to know what changes they would like you to make. Implement these changes and share an update with your patients so they have proof that you really listened. This will improve your services and help you get new patients.

Track your competition.

You can know a lot about your competitors by monitoring their online reviews. Most likely, their patients will be leaving both positive and negative reviews. These reviews give you clues about the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, providing you with an opportunity to start offering services and experiences that patients are demanding.

Advertise on Facebook.

Get new patients with online reviews - advertise on Facebook

Online reviews can become highly engaging advertisements for your digital marketing strategy. For dental patients, online reviews are as important as recommendations made by their friends and family. By promoting your positive reviews, you’re making sure that words from your happy patients reach your audience and encourage them to give you a visit.

Share reviews on your blog.

Start writing blog posts on topics that include a list of positive reviews. Blogs with user-generated content have more chances of getting to the first page of Google and can give you decent engagement on social media. If you have convinced an unhappy patient to update their review, create a case study on it and share it on social media. All of this will improve your online reputation, which will translate into new patients.

Bottom line

Online reviews are critical to the success of your dental practice. Make sure that you’re encouraging your patients to share their experience online. You can leverage the power of positive reviews by sharing them on social media and your website. If you need help with monitoring and sharing reviews, sign up at BirdEye – a robust online reputation management and patient experience automation solution.