5 Top Review Sites for Dentists

What review sites should I be monitoring?

Top Review Sites for Dentists

As a dentist, you’re more focused on your patient’s smiles than your online presence. And you should be. But I’m sure you’ve Googled yourself (we all do it) and seen your online review sites like Google, Facebook, and yellowpages.com.

Many may bring a smile to your face, and there may be one or two that cause a frown. While you’ve taken the excellent first step of review monitoring the major sites, there are also those niche and industry-specific sites that you may have overlooked. We’ve outlined the top review sites for dentists.

Why are patient reviews on dentist review sites important?

  • First, patient reviews contribute to a good online reputation. Your patients want a dentist with a proven track record, and they trust information from other patients the most. Your online reviews are social proof of your expertise.
  • Second, online reviews can help you improve your patient’s experience. All feedback is good feedback. Yes, even those couple of reviews that made you frown can be a major opportunity to grow your practice. Why? Because it lets you know what can be improved. Who knows how many of your customers may feel the same way? Just imagine how many frowns you can turn upside down by acting on that critical feedback.

2 Important Tips for Review Monitoring & Management

1) Set up your business account on each of these top patient reviews of dentists sites.

Include your up-to-date business information so patients can start finding you easily and leaving online doctor reviews

2) Ask your patients for reviews on a regular basis.

A 5-star rating doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Patients also look at when the review was posted, and value recent health provider reviews over old ones that may have become irrelevant. Not only that, a higher review volume makes both search engines and customers trust you more.

Why are these the top 5 review sites for dentists?

It’s important to get reviews on dentist review sites that your prospective customers know about and visit. The more often a patient visits a dentist review site, the more likely they are to read and post reviews there. Higher web traffic suggests that the site has lots of users. And this suggests that it would be quick and easy to leave a review—having no need to go through a lengthy registration process.

What review sites should dentists be monitoring?

  1. Healthgrades

Average Monthly U.S. Visits: 7,626,147

Healthgrades boasts at having 7,624,438 reviews of dentists and doctors. Patients are able to request an appointment for dentists featured on the site. They are also able to review their dentists by selecting an easy-to-find “Leave a Review” button. Healthgrades also features free profiles for all dentists and doctors listed on the site. And lots of health-related content for patients.

  1. Zocdoc

Average Monthly U.S. Visits: 3,830,946

Zocdoc lets patients book appointments online according to their search parameters (zip code, insurance, gender, availability, child friendly, special hours, and languages). Zocdoc asks patients to leave feedback on their dental experience via email and when it shows past appointments. Zocdoc also sends reminders to patients for when they should schedule a cleaning. Do note that Zocdoc is used for all kinds of healthcare providers, not just dentists.

Top Dentist Review Sites


  1. Vitals

Average Monthly U.S. Visits: 4,223,495

Marketed as the largest online database for patient reviews for doctors and facilities, Vitals also provides education guides. Unlike Zocdoc, not all Dentists displayed in the site’s search results are bookable online. But like Zocdoc, Vitals is tailored towards patients looking for all types of healthcare professionals, not just dentists.

top review sites for dentists

  1. 1-800-Dentist

Average Monthly U.S Visits: 164,340

In addition to having extensive articles and videos on dental care, 1-800-Dentist has patients answer five questions to get a custom recommendation. An operator then calls the patient back with options that meet the criteria that he/she filled out. 1-800-Dentist then asks the patients for reviews on the dentist after the patient’s appointment.

  1. Dentistry.com

Average Monthly U.S. Visits: 99,226

Dentistry.com, like the other sites listed, has a robust amount of dental reviews. What distinguishes this site from the rest is its Community feature, where real dentists answer community members’ dental questions. Their “Expert Corner” features helpful articles written by dentists. And it also features a booking tool.

top review sites for dentists




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