5 Ways to Use Patient Reviews to Market Your Dental Practice

Your satisfied patients who take out time to review you on various platforms are the best marketers for your dental practice. Research shows that over 90% of American patients check patient reviews of a dental practice before booking an appointment and all those positive reviews that you have will encourage your potential patients to choose you over your competitor.

Marketing your dental practice with patient reviews

Here are five ways you can use the power of patient reviews to market your dental practice.

Give reviews prime website placement

patient reviews - prime website placement

As some of your prospective patients may be browsing your website while choosing a dentist, you should give prime website placement to the best reviews that you have received. Make sure that your website visitors can navigate to these reviews and get a fair idea about your practice. Moreover, you can set up a landing page for all the mentions you have received from your existing patients. Apart from improving your website’s SEO, online reviews also help prospects know more about your practice.

Turn your happy patients into brand ambassadors

You may claim that your practice is the best in the neighborhood. However, your prospects will only believe the claims if they see that they’re coming from your existing patients. You should make your loyal patients your brand ambassadors. Chances are that you already have patients who run a blog or have an active following on social media channels. If they’re happy with your services, you can request them for a social mention or a blog post.

Respond quickly

patient reviews - respond quickly

When your potential patients are reading your online reviews, they’re also looking for signs that convey how patient-centric are you. One way to show that you care for your patients, are eager to get feedback, and are open to criticism is to reply to all reviews that you get, including both positive and negative reviews, promptly. Your timely response will help build trust in prospects, who’ll then be encouraged to choose your practice over your competition.

Share positive reviews on social media

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are already abuzz with your prospects, making them ideal places to market your dental services. However, they won’t give much heed to what you claim here but look for testimonials from your patients. Share some of the best reviews that you’ve got on social media to get more patients from these websites. Positive reviews act as catalysts encouraging your potential patients to choose your practice whenever they need dental help.

 Regularly check review sites

patient reviews - check review websites

As patient reviews are doing a lot of marketing for your dental practice, you don’t want to miss out on any. Keep an eye on all reviews that you receive from your patients by regularly checking review websites. If that sounds a little too taxing, consider signing up with BirdEye.  It’s a powerful online reputation management solution that monitors reviews that you receive on hundreds of websites.  Moreover, it lets you share the best reviews on your website and social media websites.

Always remember that if want to build trust, project yourself as one of the best dentists in your neighborhood and get more patients to your practice, you have to let your patient reviews do most of the talking. Incorporate patient reviews into your digital marketing strategy to support your brand and encourage prospective patients in your neighborhood to choose you over others.

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