We’re excited to announce the opening of our brand new Birdeye referrals program. It’s now easier than ever for you to share Birdeye with your friends and family. We’ve added all-new Referral program features that are available to every Birdeye customer via the dashboard. Just click the “Account” tab on the left-hand sidebar, then click “Refer Birdeye”. 

We’ve also increased the amount of money that you can get through referrals. Every time you refer someone you know to Birdeye, you’ll get a $200 Amazon gift card. 

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer and no limit to how many gift cards you can get. So let’s show you how the program works so you can start getting money for Birdeye today. 

Refer Birdeye on Social Media 

You’ll be able to share the word about Birdeye on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Once your contacts click the social share buttons available within the dashboard and talk to Birdeye reputation experts, you’ll be able to receive your $500 Amazon gift card. 

social media referral

Have a close friend who’s looking for a platform like Birdeye? Share your personal referral link. If your friend ends up as a Birdeye customer, you’ll get a $200 Amazon gift card courtesy of Birdeye. It’s simple, quick, and easy. 

personal referral link

Track Your Rewards 

Let’s say you become a pro and spread the word about Birdeye far and wide. You’ll be able to track your rewards through the Birdeye dashboard. You don’t have to guess how many of your friends clicked the link and actually talked to Birdeye reputation experts. You’ll know right away. 

Start Sharing Today! 

More than 150,000 businesses in 8 countries have seen fantastic results from Birdeye’s all-in-one platform. Birdeye has been named the #1 reviews software by G2 Crowd. 

Log in to the dashboard and get started with Birdeye referrals today.