In 2023, the digital landscape witnessed a revolution, and Google Business Profiles (GBPs) were at its heart. As we step into 2024, it’s time to dive deep and truly understand the role these profiles play in the success stories of businesses everywhere.

From cozy corner cafes to towering corporate offices, Google Business Profiles have become the arena where businesses compete for visibility and connect with their customers like never before. To grasp the full scope of this transformation, Birdeye explored the insights and experiences of over 150,000 businesses throughout 2023.

In this blog, we’ll unwrap the latest trends, insights, and strategies, providing a comprehensive look into the transformative power of Google Business Profiles for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, you’ll discover how these profiles can be your game-changer in connecting with the world and growing your business.

Key findings

1. Google Business Profile verification

A significant number of businesses recognize the credibility and visibility benefits of Google Business Profile verification, with certain sectors leading the charge.

  • 64% of businesses have verified their Google Business Profiles.
  • Property Management, Hospitality, and Healthcare lead in verification rates.
  • Over 50% of home services and contractor businesses are still unverified.

2. Google Messages adoption

The adoption of Google Messages varies significantly across industries, indicating diverse approaches to customer communication.

  • 33% of verified Google Business Profiles use Google messages.
  • High usage in legal businesses (67%), consumer goods/services (63%), and automotive (44%).
  • Retail and healthcare sectors show lower usage at 25% and 21%, respectively.

3. High visibility in searches

Google Business Profiles are critical in enhancing online discoverability for businesses, particularly through discovery searches.

  • Verified businesses average 1,803 monthly views, predominantly from discovery searches (84%).
  • 40% of businesses exceed 1,000 monthly search views.
  • Hospitality, followed by automotive and retail, leads in Google search views.

4. Google Business Profile interactions

The interaction rates on Google Business Profiles emphasize the platform’s effectiveness in driving winning customer engagement strategies for businesses.

  • On average, a verified Google Business Profile receives about 200 clicks/interactions per month.
  • 48% of these interactions are website clicks.
  • Each view of a verified Google Business Profile can generate up to 10 interactions with the business.

5. Website visits from verified profiles

Google Business Profiles are a pivotal source of website traffic, underlining their role in the digital customer journey.

  • Local businesses average 105 monthly website visits from verified Google Business Profiles.
  • Recreation, Hospitality, and Automotive are the top sectors for driving website traffic.
Graph showing website visits from GBPs by industry.

6. Direction requests from verified profiles

The frequency of direction requests highlights the Google Business Profile’s utility in guiding potential customers to physical locations.

  • Verified Google Business Profiles receive around 66 monthly direction requests.
  • Recreation and Hospitality businesses receive the highest number of direction requests.
Graph showing number of direction requests per verified GBP.

7. Calls from verified profiles

Phone calls generated via Google Business Profiles underscore the platform’s importance in facilitating direct customer communication.

  • Businesses receive about 595 calls annually (roughly 50 monthly) from verified Google Business Profiles.
  • 24% of businesses with verified Google Business Profiles get more than 50 calls per month.
  • Automotive, Hospitality, and Recreation sectors lead in receiving calls.

8. Photos on verified profiles

The variation in the number of photos across sectors reflects differing strategies in using visual content for engagement.

  • The average number of photos per verified location is 26.
  • Home Services profiles have the most pictures, averaging 70 per verified profile.
  • Finance and healthcare businesses have the fewest photos, with 6 and 12, respectively.

9. Posts published on Google Business Profiles

The underutilization of Google Business Profile posts points to a missed opportunity for many businesses to enhance their online engagement.

  • 40% of businesses have never posted on their Google Business Profiles, indicating a significant area for potential engagement and visibility that is currently underutilized.

10. Google reviews

The volume of Google reviews received accentuates their impact on a business’s online reputation and customer trust.

  • Businesses received an average of 66 new Google reviews per location in 2023, highlighting the importance of customer reviews in online reputation management.
Number of Google reviews written per business location in 2023.

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Why are Google Business Profiles statistics important for your business?

Google Business Profile insights are vital for businesses, offering a clear picture of customer interactions with their Google listings. These insights show important metrics like listing views, search methods, and customer actions (website visits, direction requests, phone calls). This data helps you better understand customer behaviors and preferences.

For example, knowing if customers find you through direct or discovery searches can shape your SEO and content strategies. A high rate of direct searches might mean your brand is well-recognized, while more discovery searches could signal a need for wider-reaching SEO efforts.

In short, Google Business Profile insights are key to refining marketing strategies, boosting customer experience and engagement, and driving growth. Leveraging these insights lets your business stay adaptable and competitive in the digital landscape.

Now, let’s peel back the layers of what we’ve found in our latest study on the state of Google Business Profiles.

What are the most common actions taken on Google Business Profiles?

Customers actively used Google Business Profiles to interact with businesses, whether for gaining information, seeking direction, or making direct contact.

Graph showing actions Taken by customers on GBP.
  • Website visits accounted for 48% of the total interactions on Google Business Profiles, making them the most frequent action taken by customers.
  • Direction requests represented 29% of interactions, indicating a significant number of customers are looking to visit physical locations.
  • Calls to businesses accounted for 21% of the interactions, showing that a substantial portion of customers prefer to contact businesses directly after finding them in Google Business Profiles.

Key industry trends observed

Now, let’s dive into an in-depth analysis to uncover the nuances behind these statistics and understand their real-world implications for businesses.

1. Industry-specific utilization

The diverse ways industries use Google Business Profiles reveal that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution but a versatile tool that can be adapted to different business needs.

Graph showing data about verified GBP by industry.
  • Property Management leads Google Business Profile verification at 83%, showcasing services to boost credibility.
  • Hospitality ranks closely with an 81% verification rate, enhancing their online trust.
  • Healthcare’s verification stands at 75%, using Google Business Profiles for service visibility and testimonials.
  • Home Services and Contractors use Google Business Profiles effectively for showcasing work and reviews, despite a lower 45% verification rate.

What does this insight mean for your business?

Businesses must craft Google Business Profile strategies that resonate with their unique industry. As a business owner, you should view your profile as more than just a listing—it’s a stage to build trust and display what you offer.

This calls for a thoughtful evaluation of what features and content will strike a chord with your customers. Maybe it’s detailed service descriptions that answer all their questions, before-and-after project photos that showcase your work, or interactive features like Q&A that pull customers into a conversation.

2. Customer engagement tactics with Google Messages

High engagement with Google Messages in certain sectors shows consumers value direct messaging.

Graph showing Google messages usages by industry.
  • Legal shows the highest use at 67%, followed by Consumer Goods and Services at 63% and Automotive at 44%.
  • Retail and Healthcare are less active, using Google Messages at 21% and 25%, respectively, despite reasonable verification rates.

This variation highlights the need for industry-specific strategies to fully leverage the communication tools offered by Google Business Profiles.

What does this insight mean for your business?

Understanding and catering to your target audience’s preferences is vital for any business. In this case, Google Messages can be your go-to tool, as it offers a direct, personalized way to communicate with customers, enhancing response times and customer service, which could lead to increased conversions.

In areas where Google Messages is less utilized, early adoption can set your business apart as responsive and customer-centric, giving you a competitive edge.

3. Digital marketing implications

Regular appearances in Google searches build online reputation and credibility, indicating Google Business Profiles’ significant role in enhancing a business’s digital presence and customer reach.

Google search views of Google Business Profiles by Industry.
  • The Hospitality sector tops the chart with 92,626 Google search views per verified Google business profiles.
  • Recreation ranks second, garnering 81,169 views.
  • Automotive follows closely with 41,013 views, placing third.

What does this insight mean for your business?

The key to unlocking your business’s digital potential lies in optimizing your Google Business Profile. Start by ensuring all your business information is accurate and comprehensive. Regular updates keep your profile fresh and engaging while strategically using relevant keywords boosts your visibility in search results. Think of your Google Business Profile as a dynamic tool that not only showcases your business but also helps you build and manage its online reputation.

Moreover, it’s critical to tailor your Google Business Profile for local SEO. When potential customers are on the hunt for services or products in their area, your well-optimized profile can significantly increase your chances of appearing in those vital search results.

4. Potential for growth

The untapped potential of Google Business Profiles is striking, particularly as many businesses are still not fully leveraging its core features.

Graph showing percentage of posts published on GBPs.
  • 60% of businesses have published posts on their Google Business Profiles, indicating a majority are utilizing this feature for engagement.
  • Conversely, 40% of businesses have not published any posts, suggesting a significant portion are not taking advantage of this social feature on Google Business Profile.

The varied use of photos across industries highlights an opportunity for many businesses to boost their online presence through more strategic use of visual content.

Graph showing number of photos per verified GBP.
  • Home Services leads with 70 photos per profile, emphasizing visual showcases.
  • Automotive businesses average 57 photos, showcasing their products visually.
  • Beauty & Wellness sector features 44 photos, likely displaying services and products.
  • Finance has the least with only six photos, indicating minimal visual content use.
  • Healthcare and Technology post moderate amounts, 12 and 19 photos, respectively, suggesting potential for more visual engagement.

What does this insight mean for your business?

Regularly updating your Google Business Profile with posts about promotions, news, or updates, alongside high-quality, relevant images, makes your profile stand out. This approach transforms your profile into an interactive hub for your audience.

However, it’s important to note that Google Business Profiles are more than just about aesthetics; they offer a unique platform for storytelling and content marketing. By not fully utilizing features like GBP posts and photos, you will miss out on the opportunity to tell your story, highlight your unique selling points, and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

5. Google Business Profile as a competitive tool

Google Business Profiles offer a competitive advantage, especially in industries where customer interaction is crucial.

  • Verified businesses were viewed over 21,643 times annually in Google searches, demonstrating how Google Business Profile enhances a business’s online visibility.
  • On average, a verified Google Business Profile receives 200 monthly interactions and 595 annual calls, showing its strong impact on customer engagement and direct communication.

What does this insight mean for your business?

In industries with high competition, a well-utilized Google Business Profile can set your business apart. By highlighting unique aspects of your business, such as special amenities, unique services, or customer testimonials, you can differentiate your offering and attract more customers.

Maximizing all the features Google Business Profiles offers, such as posting regular updates, adding eye-catching photos, and engaging through Google Messages, gives you an edge over competitors who may not be as active on their profiles as they should be.

Survey methodology

This study analyzes data from over 150,000 businesses using Birdeye across various industries, ensuring a broad representation. The study, compiled and examined at an industry-wide level, strictly maintains the confidentiality of proprietary information.

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