The Ultimate Guide to Google Seller Ratings

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

6 min read Last Updated Dec 23, 2021

Google Seller Ratings help businesses get more clicks on Google Ads and help you get more conversions from your Google Ads budget. Let’s talk about how you can implement Google Seller Ratings and make your paid search campaign more effective than ever. 

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What are Google Seller Ratings? 

Google Ads have several extensions that you can enable to increase the impact of an ad campaign. Seller Ratings is perhaps one of the most powerful of them all. 

This extension allows you to harness the power of your customer reviews and show them as stars within your ad. When you search for something on Google, you may have seen a bunch of Google ads of companies. Some of these show up with yellow stars. These stars are the Google Seller Rating extension.   

Google Seller Ratings example

The yellow Google Seller rating stars do two things:

  1. Helps the ad to stand out amongst all the others that do not have the extension enabled.
  2. Rating stars create a positive impression of the company. Remember these stars show up only if your average review rating is 3.5 or higher – so they are designed to impress.

As the business’s ad stands out, the likelihood of someone clicking on it vs other ads is higher. Your Ads perform better as the click-thru rate (CTR) is higher (same number of impressions but a higher number of clicks). We will discuss this a little more in the sections below.

What are the Benefits of Google Seller Ratings? 

We can’t say it enough: customers trust reviews. Reviews represent the real experiences of real customers. And seller ratings are a product of your stellar customer reviews. So the more reviews you have, the better.

Reviews work because they’re the opinions of your current or past customers that your prospects want to read. They want to be assured that they will be treated right when they become your customers. These reviews provide them this assurance. 

When your review ratings show up as stars within the Google Ad, that same assurance makes your prospect click on your ad and land on your website. The data backs this up. According to Google, using Google Seller Ratings leads to a 17% increase in click-through rate (CTR) on paid ads. What’s more,  Google Seller Ratings appear on both mobile and desktop ads, so they can help your paid search ads across the board. 

This means a couple of things for your business. First, a higher CTR means more people land on your website, who you can convert into customers. , A higher click-through rate is also a signal to Google about the relevance and quality of your ad. As clicks increase it drives up the quality score of your ad. Now, when the quality score increases, you spend less on your ad campaigns. After all, Google aims to deliver relevant ads to customers just as they seek to deliver relevant search results. 

Here is the math behind Google’s quality score calculation:

Max Cost Per Click Bid X Quality Score = Ad Rank

How to Check if Seller Rating extension is Enabled for your Ad Campaign

There is no extra charge for enabling Seller ratings with your ad campaigns so make sure the extension is enabled. Here is a quick way to check if the seller rating extension is enabled for your ad campaign. 

  1. Select the relevant campaign in Google ads. 

  2. Click the tab “Ad Extensions”. 

  3. Click “Automated Extensions”, then look for “Seller Ratings”. 

  4. If you do not see it enabled, go ahead and turn it on.

Google Seller Ratings dashboard

Why Won’t My Google Seller Ratings Show Up? 

If you do not see the seller ratings with your ads, start with verifying if the extension is enabled. Use the Google url checker. Replace ‘’ with your domain name. 

There are a few rules that Google sets for businesses to show Google Seller Ratings. 

  • You’ve collected 100 reviews in the country you’re running ads in the last 12 months. 
  • You need an overall star rating of 3.5 stars. 

Some of you may have met these requirements but still don’t see seller ratings in your paid search results. Here are some possible reasons why your Google seller ratings aren’t showing up.

Google is Choosing When to Show Seller Ratings 

Sometimes Google Seller Ratings will show up during one part of the day , but won’t show up during a different time of the day. Nobody knows exactly why Google does this. If you don’t see your seller ratings, check back in later in the day. 

You Need More Time 

Google Seller Ratings don’t show up the moment you cross the 100 review threshold. It may take up to 6 weeks for Google to verify your reviews. Stay patient and wait for your seller ratings to start showing up in ads. 

More Reviews in Your Country 

It’s possible that you’ve crossed the 100 review threshold, but that some of these reviews came from outside of the country you’re running ads in. In order to display your seller ratings, you’ll need to collect more reviews in the relevant country. 

Your Ads Aren’t Ranking High Enough 

Remember, Google aims to give users the most relevant ads for every query, just like how the search engine aims to give the most relevant organic search results. If you want to improve the quality of your ad, there’s a couple of things you can do. You can increase your bid. If you don’t want to spend more money, look and see if there’s a more relevant landing page that could work better for your ad. 

How to Turn Off Google Seller Ratings 

If for whatever reason you want to turn off your seller ratings, here’s how you can stop them from appearing in your paid search ads. 

  1. In your Google ads account, click Ads & extensions in the menu, then Automated Extensions. 
  2. Click the menu on the right, then go to Advanced Options. 
  3. Click Turn off specific automated extensions, then select the seller rating extension.
  4. Tell Google why you are turning off Google Seller Ratings, then click Turn off.

How can Birdeye Help you get Google Seller Ratings

When it comes to reviews, Google accepts reviews from limited sources to calculate Seller Ratings. Birdeye is one of these trusted review providers.  

Birdeye allows its customers to collect organic reviews on the Birdeye platform. These reviews are authentic and collected securely. Google accepts a review feed from Birdeye and once the eligibility criteria are met, customers start seeing Seller Rating stars along with the ad campaign.  

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