In the past, measuring and understanding customer happiness was a black box. Many businesses relied on notes written into their CRMs that were difficult to use or simply outdated by the time an agent would respond. Consequently, many of the nuances unique to individual customers and their most recent experiences with the business were lost, resulting in a bad customer experience. 

Not anymore. 

Today, Birdeye introduces a new metric to help businesses accurately assess customer sentiment–our exclusive Experience Score (XS™). Now businesses have a tangible metric available in real-time that helps them deliver great experiences at each touchpoint in the customer journey.

Businesses can use the XS to:

  1. Understand customer sentiment before reaching out. Knowing how a customer feels before a representative starts chatting with them allows businesses to tailor their messaging and customize support based on any customer’s unique sentiment score. 
  2. Send referral requests and other campaigns based on this score. This will allow businesses to be confident that a customer is an advocate, and therefore more likely to refer them within their circles. 

Unlike other customer sentiment metrics that can be unreliable or are solely based on the most recent interaction, Birdeye’s XS™ is calculated based on feedback from multiple sources–all sourced from within our platform:

With the XS™, businesses now have a single source of truth that tells them how customers feel about their brand–and their readiness to spread the word. This score is available in a visual form next to the contact name within the Birdeye platform. 

Experience Score

Other benefits of Birdeye’s XS include: 

  • The ability to quickly identify any changes in customer satisfaction levels and drill down into why the score changed, allowing businesses to respond promptly and fix the problem. 
  • Massive time savings. Businesses can easily focus on retaining happy customers and turning around unhappy ones with custom messaging and campaigns.
  • With one click, the ability to generate batches of referral requests to their happiest customers, while optimizing retention and sentiment-boosting programs for any individual detractor.

Customer happiness: accurately measured, rapidly applied

Customer happiness is the scalable, sustainable way to grow a business. In order for businesses to best serve their customers, they need to have visibility into customer sentiment. Birdeye’s Experience Score allows businesses to understand customer happiness from every customer interaction instantly, be it from reviews, surveys, chat messages, or text.