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of guests consult online reviews before booking a hotel.


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More Reviews =
More Bookings

More reviews mean more guests. With BirdEye, you can automatically send text or email review requests to your guests the moment they check out.

Stay on Top of Reviews on Google and TripAdvisor

Always be on top of guest feedback, no matter where it’s posted. BirdEye’s dashboard allows you to monitor and respond to reviews from 150+ sites like Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor.

Get reviews on the sites your guests care about

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Rank Higher than Your Competition

BirdEye gives you the tools to show up high in relevant search results. New reviews and BirdEye’s SEO-optimized custom profiles help you outshine the competition.

Keep Your Guest Satisfied

Make sure all of your guests are going home happy. With BirdEye’s award-winning surveys, you can get the feedback you need to ensure you’re providing the best guest experience software.

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