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For hospitality companies, experience is everything: What amenities are provided? How friendly is the staff? Is it close to where I want to go? 88% of guests consult online reviews for answers to questions like these before making a purchase decision.

BirdEye helps hospitality companies leverage guest feedback to get more guests, and keep them.

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BirdEye integrates with the review sites that matter most to your business

Get reviews from guests before their stay is over

Easily gather new reviews from your guests via automated SMS and MMS alerts sent to their mobile devices at critical customer journey touchpoints. BirdEye directs your guests to crucial sites like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and where they can share feedback for the world to see.

Give every guest a 5-star visit

Your guests are talking every second. Monitor your reviews from 150+ sites , all in one place. Receive SMS or email alerts the moment a guest leaves negative feedback. Respond in real-time to solve problems before they even become problems, preventing bad reviews on public sites.

Boosting customer acquisition by using social
listening for reputation marketing

BirdEye’s social listening tools enabled Medieval Times to participate in customer conversations in real-time, leverage
positive feedback, and respond to customer issues quickly.

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Market memorable guest experiences

Use feedback to turn customers into advocates! Automatically publish the reviews of your choice on any site you manage -- your website, blog, and social pages like Facebook and Twitter. Stand out on Google with star ratings from reviews beside your business in local search results.

Improve operations with guest intel

BirdEye converts all the unstructured data from guest feedback into straightforward insights you can actually take action on. Identify root cause of positive and negative sentiment, and discover where to go to fix issues or replicate positive performance. Access these insights not only for your own guests, but for your competitors’ guests too. Benchmark operational performance and spot opportunities to capture market share.

Turn social media into a customer support hub

As guests write comments and snap pictures on social, monitor every post in real-time without missing a hashtag. Close the loop on guest feedback by converting reviews and social comments into support tickets . Assign these tickets to relevant employees and track issue resolution to ensure every concern is addressed.

Mobile app

Engage with your customers on-the-go to improve their experience and acquire new customers--all from one cohesive dashboard that fits in your pocket. Push a button, get reviews, connect with all your customers. It’s that simple.Premium supportGet results quickly and guidance is just a click away with access to our world class support team.

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