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How 116 restaurants stayed in-tune with daily customer experience

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Company Snapshot

Blaze Pizza LLC is a pizza chain within the fast-casual dining restaurants category. The company aims to deliver exceptional quality at lightning fast speeds.

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  • 2011
  • Sept 2015


Opening a new location every 5 days, Blaze sought to deliver consistently outstanding customer experience in every store in order to retain their rapidly expanding customer base. At the same time, they wanted to maximize the power of customer feedback to acquire new customers and boost revenue.

After this build-your-own pizza franchise leveraged Birdeye’s customer experience insights to boost ratings for all locations nationwide, they found that stores rated 4.4 stars and higher had same-store sales growth of 15% while stores below 4.0 stars had negative same-store sales.


Increase revenue for all locations

Identify key performance categories to measure across locations

Capture and measure online feedback to manage customer issues

Maintain expansion rate with consistent high ranking both nationwide and locally


Using Birdeye Insights, within 12 months, Blaze Pizza:

Held a consistent 4.3 overall ranking with 2x more locations and 175% more reviews

Increased same-store sales with higher ratings

Received over 11,000 reviews from 19 sites

Stayed in-tune with daily customer feedback at a national and franchise level

Expanded faster than all fast-casual pizza chains

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Decipher & leverage customer feedback

On pace to open one new location every five days, Blaze had no way to accurately measure and address the increasingly overwhelming volume of online customer feedback received across a breadth of social channels. They needed to thoroughly understand daily consumer sentiment in real-time to keep up with an ever-expanding customer base. Their goal was to acquire more customers, which meant not only maintaining high ratings on third-party sites, but also ensuring every location delivered equally outstanding experiences.
Social Mentions

Various channels Blaze Pizza looked to monitor in real-time:


Social Media

Review Sites

Mystery Shopping

Engage locally with in-moment feedback

With the Birdeye platform, Blaze began aggressively comparing locations, focusing on performance by category. They assigned specific keywords to monitor for each category, highlighting customer issues of top concern. This way, Blaze was able to track specific success metrics amidst the massive flow of feedback and respond accordingly.
Quick Review Responses
Birdeye sent daily reports of feedback from social media and review sites to both corporate and management, and also converted the unstructured data into a Net Promoter Score for an actionable performance summary.

Stable growth & customer happiness

Currently their average rating is 4.3 stars across 116 locations, based on 17,359 reviews from 19 sites. Blaze Pizza has substantially more reviews than competitors despite being a much younger company, and has maintained a consistently high Net Promoter Score.
Reputation Summary
Blaze Pizza’s primary competitor has always been itself. They continue to use Birdeye to listen daily to feedback, honing in on locations and striving for excellence in all categories.

Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

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