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Castle Homes Property Services: Building Better Customer Relationships with Birdeye

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Company Snapshot

Based in the heart of Darlington, Castle Homes Property Services boasts over 50 years of joint experience in managing properties. The company prides itself on personalised service to landlords, tenants, sellers, and buyers. Castle Homes’ steady growth has them managing 100+ properties, including single rentals, portfolios, and HMOs for students and professionals. Serving Darlington and surrounding areas—Stockton, Yarm, and Middlesbrough—Castle Homes is committed to providing unrivalled customer service.

  • November 2023
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Streamlining Review Requests

Birdeye's review request feature proved to be pivotal for Castle Homes. By using Birdeye’s capabilities, Castle Homes quickly and effortlessly sends customised review requests via email and text. Using a dual-channel approach inspires prompt response rates from their clients.

The ability to send requests directly from their dashboard or via the mobile app allows the team to capture reviews at critical moments. For example, Castle Homes sends personalised requests after onboarding new landlords or when tenants move into a property. This proactive approach ensures timely feedback and maintains high service standards—leading to a 900% increase in reviews in less than a year.

“We use Birdeye to request reviews, which can be sent out in just two clicks if the recipient is already in our database. This efficiency is crucial for us.”
Craig Walsh
Craig Walsh Director of Castle Homes

The Power of Positive Reviews

This remarkable growth in Google reviews boosts Castle Homes’ credibility,  enhancing their reputation and attracting more clients. Positive reviews elevate online visibility and buffer against potential negative feedback. With Birdeye, Castle Homes has an efficient solution to monitor reviews, respond quickly, and ensure clients feel valued. This is instrumental in reinforcing the Castle Homes’ quality service and commitment to excellence.

Using Birdeye’s AI capabilities, Castle Homes can quickly craft responses to reviews. That ensures that every comment, positive or negative, is acknowledged promptly. This receptive dedication to customer satisfaction fosters a positive relationship with their clients. By addressing all feedback, Castle Homes strengthens their overall customer engagement strategy.

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“Birdeye has helped us build our Google reviews quickly. In just a few months, we've gone from 3 or 4 reviews to about 35 five-star reviews, which is amazing for our brand's growth.”
Craig Walsh
Craig WalshDirector of Castle Homes

Leveraging Social Media for Review Sharing

Castle Homes’ improved customer engagement strategy goes beyond review responses. The team also leverages Birdeye’s review-sharing feature to amplify positive feedback.

This tool automatically turns reviews into buzz-worthy social posts, reinforcing their excellent service reputation. Consistently sharing positive reviews helps Castle Homes build a stronger connection with their audience. This increases social media reach and drives more enquiries.

Mastering Social Media Management

Birdeye’s social media management tools ensure Castle Homes maintains an engaging online presence. The AI-powered content generator enhances productivity and combats writer's block, creating relevant, industry-specific posts that captivate and inform audiences. Castle Homes boosts brand visibility with a broad social media presence across Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn.

Furthermore, Castle Homes utilises Birdeye to share posts, particularly for promoting rental properties. This targeted approach increases enquiries for "sticky properties" and ensures social media efforts are effective and efficient. With Birdeye's social calendar, the team can visualise and manage past and pending posts across various locations and channels. Posts can even be rescheduled easily with Birdeye’s drag-and-drop interface.

“Being able to quickly write productive posts using the AI features and schedule them to go out at the best times has been really helpful.”
Craig Walsh
Craig WalshDirector of Castle Homes
Being Able To Quickly Write Productive Posts Using The Ai Features And Schedule Them To Go Out At The Best Times Has Been Really Helpful 1719614478016

Improving Customer Communications

With Birdeye Social’s help, Castle Homes has built a solid foundation for enhancing customer interactions. Recognising the importance of customer engagement, they prioritise ongoing interactions with their clientele. Castle Homes uses Birdeye's all-in-one inbox to streamline communication channels. Thanks to prompt notifications, the team achieves a remarkable average response time of 1 hour. 

Birdeye Webchat has proven itself indispensable by facilitating real-time connections with leads. Webchat enhances the customer experience by quickly converting enquiries into valuable business opportunities. This boosts customer satisfaction and maximises revenue for Castle Homes, ensuring leads aren’t lost. A consistent line of communication nurtures stronger relationships over time. Now Castle Homes can pave the way for more meaningful connections and business growth.

“Having a webchat tool on our website means we can answer questions immediately, which is critical for keeping potential clients engaged and moving them through the sales funnel.”
Craig Walsh
Craig WalshDirector of Castle Homes

A Comprehensive Solution for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Birdeye has revolutionised Castle Homes’ customer engagement strategy: They’ve enhanced review management, streamlined social media capabilities, and centralised all customer interactions. The all-in-one Birdeye dashboard serves as a central hub for these tasks, saving valuable time for the team. Plus, with reliable support and seamless integration, Birdeye ensures technical issues are quickly addressed. The Birdeye partnership empowers Castle Homes to prioritise core business activities and sustain success in the digital era.

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Birdeye: The Obvious Choice

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