All interactions
in one place

Bring all conversations together to manage and
respond to messages from multiple channels.

Birdeye Inbox lets us connect, communicate, and respond quickly.
We answered hundreds of new chats from potential and existing clients.
Dawn Harsch, The McGuire GroupDawn Harsch
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Introducing the modern customer
communications command center


One inbox for every

Respond to messages from Facebook Messenger,
Webchat, texts, and emails from one text
messaging app.

Unified Inbox
Experience Score (XS)

Get instant insight into
customer experience

Quickly and easily gauge how happy each
customer is with your business by checking their
Experience Score. Send referral requests to your
happiest customers; deliver targeted and
personalized service to those who need a boost.

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Experience Score
custom templates

Make millions feel like
one in a million

Customize and save message templates to scale
your messaging with a personlized touch. When
words don't cut it, add a picture, gif, pdf, or even 😄.

Make Millions Feel Like One In  Million
Birdeye Inbox makes responding to our clients much easier.
Our clients no longer have to wait on hold for answers to quick questions.
Amanda Knight, Hillcrest Animal Hospital
Email via Inbox

Customer interactions
by customer preference

Seamlessly transition from text to email while
interacting with your leads & customers - Attach
documents, invoices and images.


Get more done, quickly
and easily

Assign conversations to different teams, mark
messages as read or unread, filter conversations
and manage permissions, all in a few clicks.


Customer interactions,
anytime, anywhere

Communicate with all leads, customers and
employees using the Birdeye Mobile app, even
after business hours.

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Mobile App
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Powerful alone. Unstoppable together.

Birdeye is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience that offers a range of products that scale
with your business. Check out our other products that work well with Inbox.


Respond faster and with confidence using the messaging platform designed to help you connect with customers.

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Turn your website visitors into your customers. Respond faster and get more leads with webchat.

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Start growing with Birdeye today
Hillcrest Animal Hospital
#1 on Google Search Results, Increased Reviews, and Numerous New Monthly Clients
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