BirdEye for Family Care Center

How BirdEye helped this health center stand out from the competition

Client since: January 2018

Family Care Center offers Mental Health Treatment at multiple locations in the Colorado Springs area.

Before coming to BirdEye, Family Care Center was having trouble getting reviews online. The practice was sending a form to patients that asked them to leave a review with a link to their Google and Facebook pages. 

Unfortunately, Family Care Center was not seeing the results that it wanted. Sending these manual review requests was taking up too much of employees’ time with not much to show for it. Conversion rates were very low.

After some research into reviews software, Family Care Center chose BirdEye to help get more customer reviews across multiple sites. The practice was intrigued because BirdEye offered them the ability to send review requests to customers automatically and monitor more than 150 sites.

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“Birdeye said they would improve my online reputation and they weren’t kidding! I’ve been very happy with the results we’ve seen using Birdeye.”

Carlos UriasDirector of Business Development

Building a Strong Reputation through Automated Review Requests

BirdEye integrates with Family Care Center's EMR so that review requests can be sent to customers with no manual effort from employees required. Once Family Care Center started automating review requests, new reviews started pouring in. Since starting with BirdEye, Family Care Center has received an additional 237 reviews on Google and 74 reviews on Facebook.

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Family Care Center also used BirdEye's review goals feature within the dashboard. Review goals show how many more review requests should be sent out in order to get a certain number of reviews. Review goals are used to motivate staff members into sending more review requests to patients. Every time a higher Review Goal was set, Family Care Center would have no problem hitting it. 

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Standing Out from the Competition

Family Care Center has seen the reward of having more customer reviews: more customers and more visibility. When local patients search for nearby mental health services, Family Care Center immediately stands out from the pack. Family Care Center has both a higher overall star rating and significantly more reviews than any of its competitors. Multiple patients have said that they chose Family Care Center after seeing customer reviews

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Because of the team’s collective efforts to collect patient feedback, reviews have become Family Care Center’s competitive advantage. The practice promotes these reviews in order to show the world the authentic opinion of real patients. 

Whenever a 5-star review is posted by a customer on one of the sites that Family Care Center is tracking, the review is automatically cross-posted onto Facebook. Family Care Center’s followers are able to see real patients raving about the practice. 

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Be the Best Business with BirdEye

By using the tools that the BirdEye dashboard had to offer, Family Care Center was able to get lots of high-quality patient reviews. Family Care Center is using BirdEye to utilize the most authentic form of marketing they could ask for: their satisfied patients. 

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